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Updated: May 12, 2020

I imagine that I ‘hustle’ as much as the next person who is committed to realizing her very best. But what I know is that at the foundation of a good hustle is alignment with SELF-CARE. When I define self-care, I include ANYTHING and EVERYTHING required to maintain centered, calm, focused states of creativity.

Now, more than ever, it’s essential to be extra intentional about developing a structured environment and consistent practice of self-care in its myriad of forms. It’s all about what works for you. At times all it takes is one simple act to ignite a powerful lasting calm that connects you more deeply to your most creative self and inspires greater focus.

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. DEEP FOCUS Workspace. When you create a DEEP FOCUS Workspace, you are creating a workspace that helps to cultivate who you are now and supports defining your future ... you are literally and energetically creating a sanctuary to give structure to a vision.

To create a DEEP FOCUS Workspace here are five questions to ask yourself:

· Does your workspace reflect the image you hold for your future?

· Does the environment imbue a sense of ease and inspiration?

· What about clutter? Do you feel organized?

· Is your workspace symbolic of your past, your present, and your future?

· Is the space ‘weighted’ only in the ‘past you’ and neglectful of acknowledging your recent achievements?

· Is the space equipped with plenty to motivate steps in becoming the ‘future you’ and the vision you are creating?

A DEEP FOCUS Workspace has the power to transform long days at your desk into an inspired creative journey. Let your work environment fuel passion for your actions and a sense of connection to your work.

2. VISION BUILD. Make it a point to create a relationship with your ideal future. Commit to writing DAILY PAGES. Put your thoughts on paper. Imagine your future. This action will help you to embody the clarity required to manifest real purpose-driven results.

3. INVEST IN YOURSELF. Dedicate time to meditate. Take classes that stretch your mind. Eat healthy foods. Exercise. Drink water. Spend time in nature when possible. Rest when needed. Responding to and honoring your needs amplifies an unparalleled self-trust and infuses your energy with a boost of creativity.

4. KEEP MOVING. Walk whenever you can, wherever you can. Movement elevates creativity and heightens FLOW STATES. Movement creates clear thinking and bolsters confidence. Movement is one of the most vital tools for turning up the volume of your enthusiasm.

5. PRACTICE BRAVERY. Say ‘yes’ to actions that contribute to your forward movement even, and especially if they feel scary. Take action on a new idea, or move on an idea you’ve promised to yourself to do ‘one day’. Express yourself in ways you’ve always wished you could. Stretch into your genius.

6. PRACTICE MINDFULNESS. Become cognizant of the quality of your emotions. Practice self-compassion. Observe thoughts. Slow down and allow yourself to experience your environment with all of your senses — touch, sound, sight, smell, and taste. This one action will naturally bring you into the present moment and expand the connection with higher intuitive, decision-making intelligence.

7. REST. Give yourself dedicated time to renew your energy. Because the results we desire can only take place when we give ourselves the still space to integrate our thoughts and ideas.

8. LET YOUR MIND EXPAND. Begin by committing to read at least one book per month. Or, listen to audiobooks. Watch motivational videos. Take an online class. Participate in guided meditations. Immerse yourself in stretching your mind — explore something new — broaden your perspective -- shift a perception.

9. Connect with people who inspire you.

Commit to spending virtual time with the people who inspire you and make you laugh. This can be FaceTime calls with friends, family … join or organize a ZOOM Happy Hour with favorite colleagues.

10. Ask for help. Lend a hand.

No doubt, EVERYONE is cycling through constant ups and downs. And everyone can use support. No need to move through these times alone. Ask for help. And, when you notice someone in need of support, lend a hand. I’d love to hear what practices of self-care work best for you. Maybe it’s stepping away from your computer. Of, taking massive action. Both are valid — what’s important is to stay true to the self-care you know will support you in doing and feeling better, stronger, more inspired, and creative.

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