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Millions are answering the call to embrace
the wealth of feminine prosperity.
Because. Amazing Woman,
feminine prosperity is
the heart and soul of our Divine Legacy. 

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We are remembering. We are remembering who we are, all we came here to be. Our giftedness is so innate that it can easily be overlooked, our abilities labeled as ORDINARY. While all the while our spirit says: You, AMAZING WOMAN, are EXTRAORDINARY!

The NEW ERA of FEMININE PROSPERITY calls for us to break free of status quo, face down our fears of not fitting in or being rejected, blazing our own trail. This isn’t a time to bow down to old ways of thinking or the past conditioning. This is a time to revere in the radiance of our feminine prosperity.  



Imagine those creative capacities you’ve yet to access …
the wisdom you’ve yet to give voice …
the passions you’ve yet to unleash.

AMAZING WOMAN, we are rising into a NEW ERA of feminine prosperity and that means accessing a wealth of our infinite potentials, amplifying our giftedness, and magnifying possibilities ... enriching the fulfillment of our purpose, our relationships, our creative wellness, and our passions.

Flourishing in an unshakeable confidence ... reclaiming of our voices ...
acting upon our highest potentials ...
being wholeheartedly seen, heard, and celebrated ...

When the inspiration moved me to bring together a collective of AMAZING

WOMEN who would co-author AMAZING WOMAN DIVINE LEGACY, I had no idea of the mystical journey we were about to enter into together. And what I mean by mystical is the opening that occurs when barriers drop away and feminine consciousness finds its way into words.


The vulnerability of the words spoken onto the pages of AMAZING WOMAN DIVINE LEGACY give us pause to consider a new way of creating and thriving … stepping out of the hustle and grind culture … stepping into a prosperity that can only happen when we heal the feminine wounds that dim the light of our sacred confidence, steal our sense of worth, and diminish the radiant wealth of our divine legacy.



AMAZING WOMAN DIVINE LEGACY provides you access to the most intimate of life-lessons and potent teachings of a collective of influential mentors, coaches, entrepreneurs, and impact makers.  The authors offer a rich and insightful exploration into the ways they are liberating a wealth of feminine prosperity to elevate greater joy, creativity, passion and purpose ... in their life, business, relationships, self-healing, self-love, creative expression and the realization of their own Divine Legacy. 

Even more, you'll learn key practices these acclaimed transformational authors use to elevate intuitive clarity, embody their vision, activate intention, and take actions fueled by an unparalleled spiritual connection, trust, confidence, and feminine esteem.

AMAZING WOMAN DIVINE LEGACY features transformational authors

CeCe Sanchez, Gina Shansey-Marder,

Becky Norwood, and Conni Ponturo.

AMAZING WOMAN DIVINE LEGACY features transformational authors

Rocio Ortiz Luevano, Sandra Girouard,

Niloo Golshan, and Melissa Belongea.


For the writing of AMAZING WOMAN DIVINE LEGACY, I've gathered a collective of contributing authors. These are amazing women who offer rich insights and inspired ways to reshape the story of our wealth, our giftedness and the abundance of our future.

AMAZING WOMAN DIVINE LEGACY features contributing authors

Carol Koppelman. Debra Bettendorf. Emily Katz. Lynn Raynr.


AMAZING WOMAN DIVINE LEGACY features contributing authors

Stephanie Graziano. Roby Lynn Chevance. Donata De Luca.