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A twice-per-month inner circle brings together

a brilliant collective of amazing women

who have a calling in their heart and know it's time to 

liberate the radiant wealth of their work.

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There is no denying the power of AMAZING WOMEN gathering together ... it's the kind of connection that elevates our missions and ignites the power to give a vibrant voice to our vision.


THE LEGACY INNER CIRCLE does exactly that. And it does it in a curated small group environment steeped in mentorship, and the support for creating a new feminine way of doing business. 

We gather to elevate the wealth of our work.

Amplify the power of community.

Align soul & message & legacy.

Ignite the energy of our divine potentials.


You know it. You're heart tells you it is so. You have a message the world is longing to hear ... a message that carries with it the potential to create REAL transformation AND lasting change ... a message that will make a difference in the lives of the people you are here to serve.


You've likely heard me say it many times:


Amazing Woman, you are here to lead, inspire, and transform.

It's your sacred calling.

You are equipped and gifted to do this.

And, you need not do it alone, ever!


Receive mentorship, guidance and support from me alongside a community of heart-centered, soul-inspired entrepreneurs who are committed to seeing you thrive. These aren't just any entrepreneurs ... they are women who believe in support, encouragement, lifting you into your own divine potential.

"If we are by ourselves we easily feel isolated and alone with our creative callings. But when we gather in small groups, we find
the rapport, the intimacy to share our ideas, we discover
amazing women who truly care about supporting each other ...
we create the space to speak our truths
and find we are far from being alone. 
I see this as the embodiment of our divine potential,
this is our radiance in action, this is the evolution of our future."
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Join Marsh Engle and a collective of AMAZING WOMEN entrepreneurs ... women in the transformational arts ... women who know they are here to bring forth their hearts, bring forth their energy, bring forth their creativity and intuition to do business in the feminine way.


  • Dissolve the old, outdated patterns of force, hustle, and push ... replace them with clarity, focus, and ease

  • Tap into your truest giftedness and creative nature 

  • Emerge in the stunning success of your soul's mission

  • Anchor a radiant mindset that honors your highest calling 

  • Amplify avenues to be seen and heard

  • Deepen the 'why' of the sacred ambitions that move you

  • Magnify the real distinctions of your sacred work

  • Fortify your energy and safeguard yourselves from burnout

  • Unmask wealth drains and magnify focus

  • Move beyond your daily routine to amplify forward movement

  • Find the accountability to stay true to your path and passions

  • Cultivate friendships, collaborative partners, and colleagues

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Gain clarity. Ignite Inspiration. 

And then align your actions with

the radiant power of your desired future.


Align message with mission.  Then, immerse yourself in a supportive community ... a safe space for you to show up as you are, share your challenges and victories ... receive support, guidance, and accountability from others who desire to see your vision come to life.


So, if your heart is telling you you’re ready to elevate the ease of your true creative power ... magnify the wealth of your giftedness ... and manifest the highest vision of your greatest work, then wait not one more moment, join us today.

What's included in your membership?

THE LEGACY INNER CIRCLE is so much more than twice monthly calls. It’s a potent group dynamic where we create together. We dive into topics like money & wealth, the balance of divine prosperity, aligned action, soul esteem, magnetism & energetics of success, and so much more. 


And, of course, enthusiastic support from your mastermind colleagues and me, so you can thrive in the vision of your work and your future ... align your message with your mission ... and, finally and forever experience stunning success.

Even More Supportive Benefits
  • Two 75-minute mastermind calls per month with Marsh Engle.

  • Access to call recordings provided after each session.

  • Accountability/coaching/check-ins/mentorship during each session.

  • Hot seats – Laser Coaching on mastermind calls.

  • Members receive a 'MEMBERS RATE' on Private VISIONARY MENTORSHIP Sessions with Marsh Engle. That's so you can easily receive even more personalized 'breakthrough' guidance, intuitive business development, and more.

  • Members receive JOIN FIRST opportunities for Retreats, Luncheons, Amazing Woman gatherings, and more.

When can I join?

You can join THE LEGACY INNER CIRCLE at any time. For this program I've made joining as easy as possible for as many as possible. It's a month-to-month subscription of only $39 (auto-renews each month).  Even if you aren't available to join in the LIVE calls, audio listening to the breakthrough guidance and mentorship from each session is priceless.


Who will benefit most from this mastermind?


+ Women who don't mind shaking things up ... doing it their way ... seeing things in a new light ... willing to break free of status quo to invest energy in themselves, their desires, and their businesses.

+ Women who hold the heart of possibilities and flourish in the idea of higher potentials. Big dreams are welcome. As is a willing to do the work required to stand strong in your vision.

+ Women who are in the transformational arts and the business of serving others ... with a desire to scale for stunning success.

+ Women who know they are here to help others elevate their life and are ready to go even higher in their giftedness, prosperity, and creative power.

This is your invitation to join the millions of women who are liberating the wealth of feminine prosperity to reshape their work, relationships, wellness, and ultimately the world.


Marsh Engle masterminds, retreats, books, and broadcasts have supported

multi-thousands of women to liberate the radiant wealth of feminine prosperity to transform the wellspring of their creative callings into stunning success.

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As a visionary, Marsh Engle is dedicated to evolving the culture of women's success. Her work and multi-decade research promote practices that lead women to find and flourish in an unshakeable confidence, reclaiming their voices, and acting upon their highest potentials. A multi-published author of the AMAZING WOMAN book series, award-winning entrepreneur, and founder of THE AMAZING WOMAN NATION, her mastermind programs, podcasts, and events are recognized for their unparalleled capacity to move women to define, communicate and realize their life purpose. Learn more about Marsh Engle and her work by visiting

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