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Calling all change makers, coaches, and leaders.

We gather to elevate the wealth of our work,

the richness of our creative spirit, and

ignite the radiant power of our Divine Legacy!

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There is no denying the power of AMAZING WOMEN gathering together ... it's the kind of connection that elevates the heart of our sacred work and ignites the vibrant voice to our vision.


THE AMAZING WOMAN DIVINE LEGACY is a GATHERING that does exactly that, and even more ... in an environment steeped in a high level support to reclaim the radiance of our prosperity.

It's a NEW era of tapping into the

radiant wealth of our feminine prosperity.

DIVINE LEGACY is more than a gathering.
It’s answering the call of the new era of feminine prosperity …
it's an interactive experience.
We come together not just to talk,
but to link arms to answer the call to discover
potent new way to share our giftedness with the world
and embrace the radiant wealth of our future.

Gathering 2024 copy-5.png

The alignment of spirit & message & legacy.

Now is the time to breathe passion into our purpose

and ignite the radiant power of our voice!


You know it. Your heart is speaking to you. You have a message the world needs to hear ... a message to ignite new potentials ... a message that will make a difference in the lives of the people you are here to serve. 


Join Marsh Engle and a room of AMAZING WOMEN entrepreneurs, healers, teachers, coaches, leaders ... women in the transformational arts ... women who know they are here to bring forth their hearts and liberate a wealth of feminine prosperity.

Discover ways to set free potentials you’ve yet to access …
the wisdom you’ve yet to give voice …
the passions you’ve yet to unleash.

Join us on March 8, 2024




where you'll discover ways to ...


  • Step out of the 'hustle culture' that keeps us teetering on exhaustion

       and shift into the power of aligned feminine-actions

  • Empower your relationship with worth, prosperity and higher confidence

  • Shift patterns of under-charging, over-giving, people-pleasing, self-sabotage

  • Anchor a radiant relationship with feminine esteem + your voice 

  • Merge your heart's desire with a vivid vision of your potential

  • Be seen and heard for who you truly are

  • Magnify the distinctions of your sacred work

  • Unmask wealth drains and fuel forward movement

  • Cultivate spiritual practices to guide your success in career and business

Plus you will ...

  • Experience an energizing and easy-to-follow intentional breathing practice

  • Conscious Movement unleashes new levels of creative flow + clarity

  • Link arms with AMAZING WOMEN in a DIVINE DECLARATION CIRCLE where we will activate the wealth of our work and the prosperity of our future

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It's a New Era of Feminine Prosperity!
Join us as we celebrate the release of our newest amazing woman co-authored bestseller!
Meet the Authors. Ignite a NEW Era!

Tap into the radiant power of feminine prosperity –

elevate your relationship with your soul's passions –

unlock forgotten potential, magnify your spiritual confidence, and

manifest the unbridled expression of your divine legacy.


Join us in prosperity ceremony to activate

the radiant wealth of our future.

This is your invitation to join the millions of women who are

liberating the wealth of feminine prosperity to reshape their

work, relationships, wellness, and ultimately the world.


March 8, 2024

Opening Session 12 Noon

Luncheon 12:30 - 1:30 p.m.

Afternoon Session 1:30 - 4:00 p.m.

Happy Hour Networking

(No Host Bar)

What's Included at The GatHERing

DIVINE LEGACY: Passion. Purpose. Prosperity. 

A Mastermind | Masterclass Experience

Legacy Luncheon: Treat yourself to an AMAZING WOMAN energy infused luncheon experience, rich conversations, sharing of resources, more.

Activation Ceremony: Declare and activate receptivity, alignment and higher confidence to ignite the wealth of your Divine Legacy.


Meet + Hear From Authors:  Meet Marsh Engle and hear from the inspired voices of DIVINE LEGACY A New Era of Feminine Prosperity.  Get your AMAZING WOMAN bestseller signed.

New Friends. New Colleagues. Connect with a vibrant community of

Legacy-creating entrepreneurs, healers, coaches, leaders, and more.

Women Helping Women:  Your purchase of AMAZING WOMAN DIVINE LEGACY ensures women receive the education and mentorship to move forward in their lives and their livelihood.  A portion of every book purchased supports a collective of cause organizations dedicated to empowering the lives of women. 

Legacy Luncheon | Radiant Wealth Workshop
One Seat at the Table $155
Legacy Luncheon | Radiant Wealth Workshop
Two Seats at the Table $285

Seating is Limited.

Advance Registration is Required.

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5919 Canoga Avenue

Woodland Hills, California

Amply FREE Parking

For those traveling in for this special gathering,

several hotels are located nearby.

Marriott Woodland Hills
Hilton Woodland Hills Courtyard Marriott Woodland Hills 

Marsh Engle masterminds, retreats, books, and broadcasts have supported

multi-thousands of women to liberate the radiant wealth of feminine prosperity to transform the wellspring of their creative callings into stunning success.

HEADSHOT_MARSH image0.jpeg

As a pioneering visionary leader, Marsh Engle is dedicated to evolving the culture of women's success. Her decades of research reveals a long-overdue reckoning with the contradictions of how to achieve true success ... causing women to reshape their relationship with work, career and business. Creator of the bestselling AMAZING WOMAN co-authored book series, award-winning entrepreneur, and founder of THE AMAZING WOMAN NATION, her training programs, podcasts, and events are recognized for their unparalleled capacity to move hundreds of thousands of women to define, communicate and realize their unique, individual potentials.

Learn more about Marsh Engle and her work by visiting

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