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Unlock Your Divine Potentials,
the Wealth of Your Sacred Work,
and Why Your Giftedness is
Needed in the World Now!

Whether you are feeling called to make a difference on the planet, you desire to reclaim the vibrancy of your voice, illuminate the untapped impact of your message, or liberate the prosperity of your future ... DESTINY WRITING will ignite a creative confidence so unimagined that the relationship with the wealth of your sacred work will never be the same. 


"Destiny Writing is a luminous journey fueled by the creativity, energy and insight to transform your desires into a radiant destiny."

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It's time to step into the true wealth of our work. Our giftedness we've labeled as ODD or ORDINARY can now be recognized as extraordinary. The potency of this shift calls for us to transcend lingering doubt and blaze our own trail. This isn’t a time to bow down to old ways of thinking or past perspectives. This is a time to ignite the feminine creative energies and call forth the highest dimensions of our Divine Destiny. 

"Unleash untapped potentials by learning to 

read the signs of your most radiant destiny."

  • Gently disintegrate any creative inhibitions standing between you and speaking the impactful power of your work.

  • Liberate yourself from distracting repetitive habits that give pause to your progress by triggering self doubt, confusion, and resistance.

  • Bring into balance the esteem required to rise above procrastination, over-thinking, over-giving, under-valuing, and unruly self-doubt.

  • Move beyond attachments to roles, assumed identities, and the outdated stories that keep your voice muffled and your presence shrouded in invisibility.

  • Reveal your evolving purpose, emerging giftedness, and unacknowledged mystical strengths.

  • Magnify the real distinctions of your sacred work.

  • Maintain a state of organic flow and dissolve feelings of overwhelm.

  • Reach heightened energetic states and activate creative flow.

"The Destiny Writing practice reveals potent

new dimensions of feminine creative intelligence

and elevates your relationship with the

radiant voice of your sacred work."

A collection of Radiant Reset energy-enhancing somatic practices are designed specifically to boost your creativity and support you in mastering the inner-art of feminine prosperity.


  • A breathing practice enhances your intuitive clarity.

  • Guided meditation stills your mind, focuses your thoughts and elevates your energy.

  • Vivid Visioning affirms a fine-tuned focus for confident action.  

  • Learn an energy alignment practice designed to bring your sacred confidence into balance ... Then, visit to the CHAKRA TRAIL to awakening flow and alignment of your intentions. 

  • Anchor your intention at the MEDICINE WHEEL.

"Destiny Writing ignites the creative intelligence

that holds the true wealth of your work and

the creative confidence to amplify 

the voice of your purpose."

At the heart of 
Destiny Writing
is a potent step-by-step Intentional Writing practice infused with the power to
reveal your evolving purpose, emerging giftedness,
and unacknowledged mystical strengths ...
igniting a fierce alignment
with your divine potentials.

"There's an alchemy in Destiny Writing,

a luminous source of energy and insight to

transform your desires into a radiant destiny."


Awaken Surprising Potentials. There's essential time devoted to teaching and direct mentorship from Marsh; as well as, group dialogue, Q&A, and personalized guidance. As you begin to embody your own unique Destiny Writing experience, new awareness will become guideposts as you return home with a clear sense of direction. 

Magnify Your Evolving Purpose.  Be easily seen, heard, and recognized for the true value and strength of your sacred work and service to the world. Destiny Writing unleashes the unprecedented clarity to step fully into your calling. And that elevates every aspect of your life.

Create Unshakable Confidence. Learn an intuitive inquiry practice designed to fuel an unwavering sense of value and worth, significance and purpose ... align with the sacred confidence to set free an undeniable devotion to share your giftedness with the world. 

Amplify Creative States. The vivid visioning, meditations, and breathing practices are designed to activate higher creative states, optimize intuition, mindfulness, and conscious manifestation. All practices are for beginners and the experienced.

Join Marsh Engle for

magnify your giftedness,

illuminate your message, and

reveal the wealth of your work.





June 29th

10 a.m. - 5 p.m.



and accompanying DESTINY WRITING practices 

including guided meditations and visualization 

designed to enhance your experience.


A Lite Lunch Picnic (soup + salad) in the heart of the nature

enhances your DESTINY WRITING Experience.

PLUS ... Enjoy special discounted pricing in the Crystal Shop.


June 29th
10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Special Registration Rate of $155
Your registration includes a light lunch.




With its Rose Quartz, and Amethyst center, The Medicine Wheel Garden, is set up in the Four Directions and can be appreciated in the Native American, Peruvian and Celtic traditions. There are large raised gardens, where various herbs, plants and flowers are planted that correlate to each direction and its medicine. If you decide to take a journey around the Medicine Wheel you can take a few cuttings from the direction's box that resonates the most with you, and make your own medicine bundle. 

The Chakra Trail provides a special tree or grouping of trees specially chosen to represent each one of the Chakras. Hike at your own leisure, including a short stop at each Chakra, for a momentary intentional meditation. There is an Indigenous style Tipi located in Solar Plexus area of the trail, where you can stop for a break along the way. The Chakra Trail meditation is also available at the crystal shop. 

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about marsh engle

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Since 2001 Marsh Engle's pioneering work in the field of feminine creativity has served to bridge both an internal and external relationship with success .. the kind of success that transforms lives, inspires innovation, and changes futures. She is widely recognized for her potent mastery of empathic visionary intuition ... a capacity at the foundation of her profound ability to laser into the highest creative potentials of her audience ... both professionally and personally.​

Marsh Engle events, retreats, books, and broadcasts have supported

multi-thousands of coaches, spiritual teachers, therapists, and healers

helping many of them to create stunning success by turning their

sacred callings into meaningful careers, books, businesses, and achievements.

Dedicated to evolving the culture of women's success, Marsh is the creator of the multi-bestselling AMAZING WOMAN co-authored book series, award-winning entrepreneur, and founder of THE AMAZING WOMAN NATION. Her training programs, podcasts, and events are recognized for their unparalleled capacity to move hundreds of thousands of women to define, communicate and realize the heart and soul of their highest potentials.   

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