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First Steps Into a NEW Dream.

It’s 17 years ago. And I remember the VERY moment this photo was taken. Because it marks one of the first of 100’s of AMAZING WOMAN DAY programs celebrated, bringing 1000’s of women together in cities throughout the United States, Canada, and Jamaica. As part of this particular Amazing Woman's Day Retreat held in Sedona, Arizona women gathered together to climb to the top of Bell Rock. But this wasn’t just any hike. On this day - 17 years ago — we walked with intention. We walked with esteem, with confidence. We linked arms to give RISE to a new dream, to usher in a new vision of leadership among women.

Seventeen years ago things were very different — our culture of success very different. As I look at this photo, I’m reminded of the early days and how vulnerable and scary it felt to open our innate feminine strengths and carry them into the boardrooms — how wildly challenging it was to trust our feminine nature when so few mentors reflected a balanced power in business and success in leadership. In those day much fewer women trusted the power of collaboration. Intuitive power undervalued. Creativity under estimated.

Joining together that day in Sedona was a simple action. But today -- 17 years later -- I see it as wildly significant, deeply meaningful. I see it as taking steps toward creating a balanced power. I see it as a welcoming in of the feminine heart, the birth of purpose-driven success, a BRAND NEW VISION OF LEADERSHIP.

In some many ways that walk in Sedona feels like millions of years ago because of how VERY FAR we’ve elevated, accelerated forward movement. In other ways, it feels like yesterday. Because what I know is that we — AMAZING WOMEN entrepreneurs, teachers, mentors, coaches, inspirers, creators — we are just getting started.



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