Amazing Woman, it's your time to rise!
 Rise in your soul mission.

Rise in the realization of higher success.

Rise in the infinite power of the feminine heart.


January 15, 2023, marks the 24-year anniversary of the day I first caught the vision of the AMAZING WOMAN movement. Little did I know then what I know now ... the heart and spirit of feminine success and leadership would be amplified into a global movement accelerating the sacred work and transformational healing powers of millions of women.

Even today, especially today, much continues to change. From how we see things to how we do things, we are at the center of lighting the fire of transformation.We are claiming our essential power as never before, bringing to the fore unique possibilities - owning both the internal and external creative capacities of the feminine heart.

"To lead from the feminine heart

means to stand strong for creating

from the soul of your true worth.

It means to feel a sense of

connection while you get things done.

It means to accomplish what is meaningful and to create the transformation you know you can make."


We are re-imagining a new way to excel in business, relationships, and personal mastery!

The feminine heart is the source of infinite power, intelligence, insight, and understanding. Tap into this power and you elevate your relationship with your soul mission – you unlock innate talents, amplify worth and magnify your spiritual confidence. In essence, accessing the power of the feminine heart moves you beyond an outdated image, becoming less about rules and expectations; and more about expressing your authentic voice. 

AMAZING WOMAN, It's Your Time to Rise features Transformational Authors: Patrina Wisdom, Christine Howard, Pamela Nebeker, Theresa Wray, Conni Ponturo, Wendy Yosh, Heather Salmon, Dena Breslin.

The feminine heart is the source of your brilliance.

It's a flame of spiritual purpose and creativity.  

It's the infinite power that will transform the world.

That's why I'm thrilled to announce the re-release of AMAZING WOMAN, It's Your Time to Rise!  Within the pages you will link arms with influential mentors, entrepreneurs, and change-makers who guide you step-by-step into the essential powers of the feminine heart, giving way to a more inspired future – liberating the core of your true potential to RISE as the amazing woman you are called to become.

Let's get ourselves creating from a place where

we're most enlivened, aligned, and empowered.

I invite you to order AMAZING WOMAN, It's Your Time of Rise now and find how women just like you are harnessing the infinite power of the feminine heart to excel in their business, career, relationships, life and well-being.  

2023 is our time AMAZING WOMEN!  It's our time to RISE!

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About Marsh Engle

Marsh Engle is a visionary leader and pioneer in the field of women's success, bridging self-leadership, spiritual purpose and achievement. A multi-published author of the AMAZING WOMAN book series and award-winning entrepreneur, her work and multi-decade research promote practices that lead women to flourish with influence and impact. 

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