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The SUPER POWER of Unflappability

EMBRACE THE LEAN TIME: It's true yet many don’t speak of it. It's what I call the LEAN TIME -- the time of re-invention —- a time of leaning into a new definition of ourselves and of our future — a time of anchoring our footing to step into a creative vision.

My LEAN TIME came when I leaving behind the career and business I'd invested ten years to build in order to step into the work I do today. There were VERY long months of BIG output, LITTLE income (The creation of the first in the series of AMAZING WOMAN books and AMAZING WOMAN'S DAY program was 2 years in the making).

But there was one thing I did have. And that was sheer, relentless, bold, courageous unflappability -- a ONE HUNDRED PERCENT, 'both feet in' commitment to create the NEW vision I had for my future.

Rachael Ray’s LEAN TIME is one many may not know. Early in her career she did 30 Minute Meals for five years on local television and earned nothing for the first two years. Then she earned $50 a segment. She told me that she spent more than that on gas and groceries. But what kept her going was her JOY for making the show and going to a viewer’s house each week. She allowed her JOY of the creative process to lead the way!

I’m not a believer that creating a vision has to be hard or long drawn out periods of struggle. But I do believe there is great value in the LEAN TIME. Birthing a new creative vision may not take five years as it did for Rachael. Or, the long months like I experienced. But some amount of LEAN TIME, be it days, a month or a year, is vital to our preparation — it’s a building of muscle — a time of clarifying — a period where we embody new confidence and anchor the commitment essential to our power to RISE into the RICHNESS of our destiny.



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