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8 Tiny Actions to Manifest BIG Achievement

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

Sacred Agreements are personal commitments. They are entering into a relationship with your creative power to manifest higher, purpose-driven success. Every Sacred Agreement is designed to focus your energy, activate your attention and align in a creative intention. Here are 8 Sacred Agreements you can ALIGN with today to inspire forwarding movement, greater vibrancy, and the sheer passion of living PURPOSE-DRIVEN SUCCESS!

1. My Sacred Agreement is to VISION BUILD. Make it a point to create an intimate, vibrational relationship with your ideal future. Commit to writing DAILY PAGES. Put your thoughts on paper. Feel your future. This action will help you to embody the clarity required to manifest higher, purpose-driven, mission-focused results.

2. My Sacred Agreement is to ACKNOWLEDGE ACCOMPLISHMENTS. Celebrate FORWARD MOVEMENT – recognize the discipline of your highly focused, purpose-driven clarity and commitment. Over time this one action will grow your power of discernment and amplify your capacities to take intentional, inspired actions.

3. My Sacred Agreement is to INVEST IN MYSELF. Dedicate yourself to self-care. Meditate. Eat healthy foods. Exercise. Drink water. Spend time in nature. Rest. Responding to and honoring your needs amplifies an unparalleled self-trust — and is a sacred expression of self-love.

4. My Sacred Agreement is to PRACTICE MOVEMENT. Walk whenever you can, wherever you can. Movement elevates creativity and heightens FLOW STATES. Movement creates clear thinking and bolsters confidence. Movement is one of the most vital tools for turning up the volume of your CREATIVITY and is a foundation of purpose-driven success.

5. My Sacred Agreement is to PRACTICE BRAVERY. Say ‘yes’ to actions that contribute to your forward movement even, and especially if they feel a bit or a lot scary. Take a stand for your callings. Say something you’ve never said but always wished to express. Stretch into the trailblazing boldness of your genius. Purpose-driven success requires letting go of the status quo. It calls for stepping into the unknown, stretching your arms wide, standing strong in the voice of your truth.

6. My Sacred Agreement is to PRACTICE MINDFULNESS. Become cognizant of the quality of your emotions. Practice self-compassion. Observe thoughts. Slow down and allow yourself to experience your environment with all of your senses — touch, sound, sight, smell, and taste. This one action will naturally bring you into the present moment and expand the connection with your intuitive intelligence.

7. My Sacred Agreement is to CREATE A SACRED SPACE. Make it a point to create the time and space to nurture your highest creativity. Allow REST to be something sacred, valuable, and worthy of great respect. Dedicating time to renew your energy is elevating and empowering. Because the results we desire can only take place when we give ourselves the still space to integrate our expansion and healing. This is more important than can be imagined, it's essential to purpose-driven success.

8. My Sacred Agreement is to LET MY MIND EXPAND. Begin by committing to read at least one book per month. Or, listen to an audio series. Watch inspirational and motivational videos. Take an online class. Participate in guided meditations. Immerse yourself in stretching your mind — explore something new — broaden your perspective -- shift a perception.

Allow Sacred Agreements to become a daily practice to center your focus and inspire your actions. Then, notice how your relationship with your creativity begins to expand. You may notice results accelerating -- synchronicities enlivened, confidence fortified.


Marsh Engle

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