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The Year You Are Called to Lead!

This isn’t SIMPLY a new year.

It a brand new BRILLIANT decade!

And, we are being CALLED TO LEAD.

To move us FORWARD and into 2020 here are TWELVE PRACTICES to AMPLIFY a FOCUS powered by CALLED TO LEAD CONFIDENCE!

1. GROW beyond status quo. Remember you are the change maker. DECIDE to create, be, and become — FULLY EMBODY — the splendid vision you see for your future.

2. COMMIT to do what it takes to wholeheartedly TRUST in your highest and best. And then do all you can to bring it to life. Each day, everyday.

3. TALK IT THEN WALK IT. Be hyper vigilant over your language noticing conversations that subtlety rehash past disappointments, limitations, discouragement. Instead, beginning today, invest your voice in a FORWARDING VISION that defines the life you are creating.

4. ACKNOWLEDGE lingering habits of delay, procrastination, excuses and any distraction that stand in your way. REMEMBER: Awareness of a habit is the first step in being the change maker of purpose-driven action.

5. GIVE YOUR LOVE. Do this by digging deeper, standing stronger, speaking truer, getting louder ... 2020 isn’t the year to be timid. Hold NOTHING back.

6. TREAT YOUR WORK AS SACRED BECAUSE IT IS. Be willing to manifest the unimaginable; reach for the once considered unattainable; and TRAIL-BLAZE a new future going where you’ve never gone before.

7. LINK ARMS with your inner-leader. And nurture your self-authority. It’s the mainstay of authentic self-esteem — and the gauge for how high you will let yourself reach and all you will allow yourself to receive.

8. ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE. Find time every single day to acknowledge your forward movement — even the smallest step and tiniest of action.

9. STRETCH YOUR MIND. Study. Read. Learn. Expand. Progress. Grow. Become an incubator for new discovery, be an innovator of new ideas, create for mindset of a purpose-driven pioneer.

10. JOIN IN A SISTERHOOD OF SUCCESS. Be the first to encourage and celebrate and acknowledge the success of friends and colleagues, associates and, especially other women. Because what we know for certain is that as we lift others so do we lift ourselves.

11. VALUE YOUR VALUE. Practice true collaboration by first acknowledging our own unique value, an irreplaceable quality we bring to every action and all associations.

12. Above everything else, remember you are uniquely equipped. Know your talents. Stretch into your capacities.


We are needed in the world.

You are needed in the world.

Let's allow 2020 to be the year WE LEAD.

Let's each be a movement maker : moving our voice and vision into the world.

To each of you, thank you for an incredible 2019. As we step into 2020 know that I'm fully committed be right there next to you, to support, motivate and inspire you, giving you my very best and even more!


Marsh Engle

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