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Streaming on Facebook Every Wednesday 4 p.m. PST / 7 p.m. EST


It's time to re-invent, simplify, and focus towards emerging stronger, wiser, and inspired. You are invited to join in a new web series AMAZING WOMEN GET IT DONE designed to energize women around shared interests AND ignite motivating conversations on the practices, lifestyle, and mindset that drives inspired purpose-driven success.


Each weekly episode brings to you leading entrepreneurs, healing practitioners, coaches, spiritual teachers, and more who shares their personal tips, tools, and practices for staying creative, inspired, and focused, now or anytime!


A GET IT DONE Starter Kit


PLUS ... to celebrate the premiere of the AMAZING WOMAN GET IT DONE web series, I've brought together a dynamic collective of leaders in their field to share their BEST resources to help you GET IT DONE solving your most pressing life and business challenges. Get free access to a stream of lifestyle practices, meditations, tools, resources, and more -- on a range of GET IT DONE topics including entrepreneurial success, health, wealth, mindset, happiness, and fulfillment.

And, if you have a question you'd like to ask, CLICK HERE to submit it. 
We'll do our best to answer it LIVE on the show.

I look forward to introducing you to the most amazing women I know. Together we will re-invent, re-define, and EMERGE with more focus, creativity, and inspiration! 


April 29th


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Heather Salmon

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May 6th

Christine perakis

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Christine Perakis

We’re talking about gut health, the source of immune integrity, joy and mental clarity!! You’ll get practical tools for healing your belly, boosting your metabolism and whipping up fast, yummy, healthy meals! 


Straight from the kitchens of Maui, we're talking about the healing power and the energizing benefits of a plant-based diet taken straight from the pages of the new release, THE MYSTICAL ALCHEMY RETREAT Plant-Based Diet Recipe Book. 

How can we see the Global Pandemic as an opportunity to create? On this episode Christine Perakis and I discuss powerful and sometimes surprising ways to navigate extreme challenges and use them to give birth to extraordinary things.


May 13th

Christine Howard

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Christine Howard

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May 20th

delores presSley

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DeLores Pressley

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May 27th

Laura plumb

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If there has ever been a time to find ways to step out of frenzy and Into flow it would be right NOW!  Today we are talking about actionable practices to define, create and live a radiantly fulfilling, turned-on life!

How do we keep motivation high and inspiration even higher when living in a swirl of distraction and confusion?  Let's talk about the mindset and attitudes that will help us to stay focused, grounded, determined, and empowered now or anytime! 

Laura Plumb has studied with some of the great luminaries of our time. Today we talk about all she has learned from ancient, proven wisdom to restore balance, energy and wholeness and to power up clarity, radiance and spirit for a soulful, heart-centered, creative life.


June 3rd


Special Guest is Breathwork Teacher and Healer, Jay Bradley who will show us ways to get centered, to release old patterns, thoughts, and behaviors, and to re-balance our body, mind and spirit with the transformative power of breathwork.

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June 10th

Conni ponturo

Meditation.Movement. Stretching.

Nature. These are all stress-reducers. That's why I asked Conni Ponturo to join me to share the best of her inspiring knowledge. Join us for a lively conversation that will bring greater ease, grow creativity and inspire forward movement.

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June 17th

John vosler

For over twenty-five years, John Vosler’s passion has been teaching us how our thoughts, emotions and physical being are connected. Through meditation, movement and holistic bodywork, his wellness practice has empowered the lives of countless executives, athletes, celebrities, busy moms and burnt-out professionals who are attracted to his vast knowledge of the science of meditation. 

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John Vosler

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July 1st

rev julie moret

Our job is to bring the Grace of God through our uniqueness. You have a gift, something you are here to share and shine as. Your job is to bring it. Full tilt, all the way, no holds barred. What are you offering- big or small- what can you share today? 

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Rev Julie Moret


July 8th

coming soon

 Guest to be announced soon.

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Amazing Woman Nation


July 15th

coming soon

Guest to be announced soon. 

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Amazing Woman Nation

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