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Dena Breslin, MSPAS, CTACC, and CHPC, holds 25 years of experience in sales, marketing, leadership, and success coaching. A former physician assistant, Dena is still a passionate advocate for holistic and integrated health and wellness. Since 2009, she’s been a top leader and founding member of Touchstone Crystal, by Swarovski, the at-home jewelry division of Swarovski, US. Dena is certified by various coach schools and programs, including High-Performance Coaching, and Train the Trainer, taught by esteemed mentors, Brendon Burchard, and Jack Canfield respectively.  Her practice includes one on one coaching, small business group workshops, and masterminds. She is a single mother of three amazing teens, whom she says is truly her best teachers. Connect with Dena on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

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Conni Ponturo is a leading authority in the field of pain-free living, which includes the power of creating a harmonious connection of mindset, emotions, and body. Respected for her unique approach to Transformational Movement that merges Mindset, Transformational Movement and Meditation. As an acclaimed and enthusiastic speaker, her greatest joy is sharing her knowledge, actionable practices and creative ways to keep people living pain and injury-free. Owner of the highly regarded, Absolute Pilates Upstairs based in Woodland Hills, California, Conni serves as an innovative transformational movement and lifestyle coach. Her most recent book, Falling into Joy is a joyful and encouraging book that shines a light on the real source of joy and ways people can easily gain access to it in every area of their lives.  To connect with Conni Ponturo and learn more about her work, visit her at:



Heather Salmon is a renown sound healer, mystic, cultural creative and recording artist. She is the co-author of Rise, Amazing Woman, Rise and Lead, Amazing Woman, Lead book series and has produced over 25 popular sound healing journeys available on MP3.  Heather has been an innovative pioneer in the field of ritual, sound healing, sacred activism, transformation and performing arts for over 20 years and is a High Priestess ordained in the Essene and Temple of Isis lineages. She shares the teachings of the Sevenfold Path of Peace, as well as, feminine wisdom and leadership. Hailing from Toronto, Heather is of Jamaican and Celtic descent and resides on the island of Maui, Hawaii at the Black Swan Temple an Eco Sanctuary she co-founded with her husband Donny Regalmuto.  They offer ongoing yoga and sound healing transformative retreats, sacred pilgrimages to Ancient Egypt, mystery school trainings, and Mystical Alchemy Sound Healing Ceremonies!  To learn more about Heather Salmon and her work visit or phone her

at 808-269-4333.

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Pamela Nebeker is a Lover of Beauty and a Seeker of Truth. For more than thirty years she has served hundreds of clients as an Interior Designer, Realtor, Feng Shui Practitioner, and personal coach. She created homes and businesses specifically for her clients to manifest the lives of their dreams. She lives by the philosophy, “change your energy, change your life”. Today as a Podcaster, Speaker, and Author, she teaches the power of embracing life at every age. Using the principles from many cultures, she is the creator of A Beautiful Life, a movement that inspires women to live as the beholder of beauty in every area of their lives. She is married to the man of her dreams and lives in Los Angeles, California. She has eight grown children and five beautiful grandchildren. Pamela invites you to become a beholder of beauty and a visionary creator, creating the life of your dreams and a better world for all.  To learn more about Ella Nebeker and her work, visit: and

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Known as the “Money Mentor for Women,” Pamela Plick specializes in helping women find their money power: providing the education, strategies, and tools to grow financial confidence, security, and freedom. Pamela is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner and Certified Money Coach (CMC)®. 

As a speaker, author, and popular blog contributor, Pamela empowers women to achieve personal and professional success. Her work has been highlighted on The Huffington Post, Investopedia, and in USA Today and Forbes. She has also been a featured expert on Golden Girl Finance, DailyWorth, and Investopedia.  Pamela’s new book Rise to Your Money Power releases in January 2020. To learn more about Pamela and her work, visit

Connect with Pamela on Social Media:




Pamela Plick on YouTube:



Tonya R. Busby is widely recognized and respected for her dedication to women’s advocacy. Through life coaching, volunteerism, speaking and workshops she counsels women in recovery. She is a sought-after speaker in Recovery on Self-Acceptance and is a passionate advocate for women breaking free from domestic violence and codependency.  Calling upon her own experiences, Tonya co-facilitates OWNING YOUR POWER workshops where she is valued as a voice of experience, strength, and hope. She holds a Masters Degree in Health Sciences (Public Health) and has gained over 20 years of experience in Executive Sales, Leadership + Management.  For more information about Tonya Busby and her work visit:



As an Empathic Energy Healer, Vanessa Adlawan combines higher intuition with ancient Hawaiian healing principles to induce deep relaxation to help you connect with the capacities to heal yourself. Vanessa recognized from the early age of 4 her sensitivities to energy, frequencies, and our connectedness. Today she offers private sessions, mentoring and workshops. Her healing services include identification, treatment, and relief of energetic blocks supporting her clients to release physical and emotional ailments. She also practices the transformational art of Dream Guiding and is a Remote Viewer and Clairvoyant supporting people to identify hidden answers and suggestions for creating greater flow. Vanessa earned her MBA in 2010. She lives in South Pasadena, California.  Vanessa may be contacted on FACEBOOK at OR by emailing her at



Joy Osaka-Lu is a Soul Path Blueprint coach, an Empowered Alignment mentor, author, and speaker who helps people find the overlooked personal and professional power in their lives, business, careers, and relationships. She is the founder of One Ripple, LLC, where she teaches that by making even the smallest shift in our energetic core we gain a fresh perspective … in fact, ONE RIPPLE can change everything®. Joy merges proven practices of transformation with highly practical forward movement actions in her Dharma of Business workshops and private sessions. She can be reached at and

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