It is more than a book. It’s a radiant revolution.

A time to be brave and bold; to speak out;

to invest our purpose infused power

to define a radiant new future!

An empowering guide for defining

a radiant new legacy of success,

EMERGE AMAZING WOMAN EMERGE brings together a vibrant collective of

purpose-driven women entrepreneurs, founders, and difference-makers 

who invite us to put our genius into action

to excel in feminine power and

answer the call of our destiny.

Amazing Women, we are being called to 

reinvent, redefine, and emerge

in a radiant new legacy of success!

You’ll learn ways to deepen your purpose and how it can be fortified when we face challenges head-on and come out victors above any chaos, discouragement or feeling of defeat.  Along the way, you will learn to breakthrough into new potentials and activate an abundant, more emotionally rewarding, spiritually enriching future.


This collection of impactful, deeply honest stories and relevant teachings is guided by respected changemakers, transformational leaders, and entrepreneurs who will move you, inspire you, and motivate you to take meaningful, forwarding steps to …

  • Merge your true calling with purposeful actions to navigate a spiritually connected path to the success you deeply desire.

  • Close the painful gap between whom you know yourself to be and the voice you express in the world.

  • Reignite your enthusiastic spirit that was somehow diminished when life became riddled with challenges and hard work.

  • Stand strong in a life where you can feel seen and heard for all of who you are.

  • Set aside exhaustion and feeling depleted or discouraged by not knowing how to make the shifts needed to move forward.

  • Heal the "imposter syndrome," an inheritance of internalized patriarchy where it has become 'normal' to undervalue our skills, talents, and accomplishments.

  • Deepen the value of your unique talents and invest your purpose-fueled passions to make a difference in your life and in the world around you.

From a multitude of different perspectives, we are linking arms to elevate our voices and begin to tell a NEW story … a story where we powerfully, eloquently, and soulfully answer our unique and individual call to be brave and bold; to speak out; and, to trust ourselves, and invest our purpose-infused power to usher in a radiant new future.

This is your opportunity to be a part of something bigger. Something that could change the future of

women's legacy of leadership.

You ... alongside women everywhere ... have a

difference-making, Spirit-empowered legacy to live.  

We bring together the voices of women

who are sharing the infinite power of 

their purpose to advance ideas that matter and define a radiant new future.

Order Your Book Now and make plans to take part ...

  • JOIN IN the Legacy Leadership Day Celebration: You are invited to a KICK-OFF PARTY! Connections. Networking. Collaborations. 

  • FIRE-UP YOUR OWN VISION and expand your horizons through an AMAZING WOMAN LEGACY LEADERSHIP docuseries, an essential video series of PURPOSE VISION DECLARATIONS delivered by a radiant collective of legacy creators.
  • TAKE PART in an 8- Part Mastermind Series designed around interactive conversations that need to happen for the culture of women's success to move forward by awakening the true power to serve in bigger, bolder ways. 

  • TUNE-IN to a podcast series. Take a deeper dive into extended conversations and learn more about topics covered on LEGACY LEADERSHIP DAY, check out the AMAZING WOMAN CONVERSATIONS podcast host by Marsh Engle

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