Releasing March 2020

The Eight Essential Powers for Mastering Your Mission

Releasing March 2020

“Everyone has a distinctive power to lead. 

As you activate the essential powers of mastering your mission, 

you will embody a new, crystal clear vision of what’s possible for your future.

You will recognize your worth. You will feel confident, passionate,

at ease, and enthusiastic … you embrace your call to lead.”


Discover How Women Are Unlocking Hidden Potentials, 

Standing in Their Unbridled Power and 

Answering the Call to Transform their Lives and the World!


There’s no doubt about it, we are walking the path of a new, unique destiny.  But, to truly make our biggest contribution to the world we must learn NEW ways to answer the calling of our evolving purpose ... unlock hidden potentials … and set free our voices. 


That journey begins right here.


LEAD. AMAZING WOMAN. LEAD.delivers a rich guidebook filled with a magnitude of wisdom, insights, inspiration and practical guidance. You will link arms with women who are shaking up the status quo, igniting new recognition and elevating potentials. These women share profound insights to guide you into expanded ways to access the power to lead with sheer intention and purpose!


Throughout each of the chapters, you will explore THE EIGHT ESSENTIAL POWERS FOR MASTERING YOUR MISSION. These unforgettable, timeless lessons will move you to reveal your sacred assignment, define the heart of your mission, re-ignite a sense of meaning and take forwarding steps to create a life of significance.

LEAD. AMAZING WOMAN.LEAD The Eight Essential Powers of Mastering Your Mission is a call for all women to answer the call to lead … to create a life of significance, access the power to lead with sheer intention, make a positive impact in the world.


We can do this together!  





Since 2001 Marsh Engle's books, coaching programs, and live events have been recognized for their unparalleled capacity to move women to design influential brands, launch successful purpose-driven ventures,

and lead inspired lives of impact. She is passionately committed to building creative spiritual practice into the very fabric of career development and business leadership.    

Her pioneering work in the field of women's success leadership bridges both the internal and external aspects of creativity and contribution. As creator of AMAZING WOMAN LEGACY PRESS, Marsh brings together a collective of purpose-driven entrepreneurs, mentors, and changemakers in a series of published books designed to elevate the lives and the success of women.

She has shared the stage with bestselling authors including don Miguel Ruiz and Marianne Williamson; International Fashion Designer, Michelle Bohbot; Acclaimed Journalists Maria Shriver and Rolonda Watts; and, stars from television and film.