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It began with a conversation.


Thousands of eyes were pointed towards the stage. Every woman in attendance -- champions for women's well-being, leadership and success -- had traveled from Los Angeles to New York and hundreds of cities

in-between to attend the highly anticipated inaugural event taking place in Washington DC. We'd been invited to gather with one very important question in mind: 


How can we work to change tomorrow for the State of Women?    


The event, The United State of Women, was founded by First Lady Michelle Obama and, for the first time ever, brought together thousands of women's advocates each dedicated to igniting a new conversation among women by exploring ways to create a more empowered future. 

Mindful Conversations Transform

the Way We Create Our Future . . .

As part of the day, we would gain access to an intimate conversation taking place between two trailblazing women: Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey. We listened as they spoke of their own life experiences, addressing some of the conflicts most sensitive to so many women today. Their dialogue, filled with respect and grace. Their words, vulnerable, free of judgment. Together the two women explored the wisdom that can only be gained when we openly consider the hidden power of our heartbreaks, disappointments, and fears.


As I listened, I innately understood that I was witnessing something sacred. I was seeing the power that ignites when we enter into a wholehearted connection with the way we tell our stories. I was discovering that through mindful conversation we can find the courage to face any barrier to our full power as a woman ... we can change the ways we tell our stories ... we can engage in conscious conversation that would naturally create a more empowered future for the next generation of amazing women.


The richness of the conversation I heard on

that one day in Washington DC changed me.


I returned to Los Angeles a different woman. I had been shown how when a conversation comes from a deep source of stability within, a stability anchored in an innate self-love it becomes driven by purpose. Regardless of what the outside world tells us, we are empowered with the ability to consciously influence and impact the ways in which we create our futures. 

And, the vision of DEAR AMAZING DAUGHTER is born.


The conversation I witnessed ignited the intention to write and develop a very special book project. That was nearly two years ago.  And, every day since, my commitment to this project has deepened. The richness of its meaning has grown. The spirit of its transformational powers revealed.


We began by asking one question.


One of the goals defined for the development of DEAR AMAZING DAUGHTER was to gather a range of perspectives shining a light on many life experiences. Given this, the first step was to extend a personal invitation to a small collective of women. Together the women would explore and answer one very specific question:  


 What is one of the most pivotal moments of your life that

changed the way you created your future?


The group then joined in a series of creative writing classes. It was during these sessions that the power of the transformational process was revealed. As each woman shared more and more of her story, a deeper self-understanding began to surface.


It is only in the vulnerability of being seen -- in the trust of truly seeing ourselves -- do we connect with the understanding that nothing is unimportant --- all is significant. 


For many, as the writing process took place, they found that the story wasn't changing.  But, rather what was transforming was her relationship to the way she chose to tell it. Just as I had witnessed in Washington DC, the conversation brought to the page of her DEAR AMAZING DAUGHTER letter was filled with fresh insight, new awareness, and rich wisdom. 


It's time to change our conversations.


DEAR AMAZING DAUGHTER demonstrates the dynamic shifts that take place when a woman enters into a deepening dialogue about the most pivotal moments of her life. Sensitive. Honest. Each of the featured contributors brings her own vulnerability to the page in a collection of very personal DEAR AMAZING DAUGHTER letters. The intimacy of their words is moving. Ultimately we are brought to a very important discovery:  


When we gain the confidence to communicate our heart-centered truths about the most vulnerable times of our lives,

we become the most powerful creators of our future.   


The women you’ll meet through the pages of DEAR AMAZING DAUGHTER have found the courage to talk about things that have much time been taboo. By speaking about these very things, we are creating a platform to heal relationships between mothers and daughters, within ourselves and with other women. Young women will gain the ability to empathize more with the types of obstacles the women coming before them have faced, and all women will continue freeing themselves from outmoded beliefs that painfully limit the freedom of their futures.

Speaking our deepest truths takes courage. But, we all have something to say.  And, the fact is there is nothing more powerful than speaking and being heard from the core of our being.


When we join in a mindful conversation, we liberate higher states of inspiration and motivation. We can understand each other more. And, we can understand ourselves more,  along the way revealing more of our purpose. 




Let's get ourselves talking from a place where

we're most inspired, empowered, and motivated.



I'm feeling pretty certain that most of us agree that it is time to move away from the limitation of cultural norms and begin to create on our own terms. That's why I invited an eclectic and diverse range of voices to START A NEW CONVERSATION. Though a collection of 'conversation starters' the book provides you with an offering of opinions, ideas, and insights each designed to trigger curiosity about topics that range from the power of meditation to body shame to our relationship with money.    




Your purchase of the DEAR AMAZING DAUGHTER book on AMAZON

helps to ensure girls and women receive the education, and mentorship

to move forward in their lives and their livelihood. 

We Believe the

Creative Power of

Girls and Women

Will Transform

the World!


partners with organizations providing women and girls the essential educational solutions to foster her 

self-esteem, confidence, and creativity while connecting her with the resources and training required to ensure

life-long success.

Dear Amazing Daughter.

It's a Book. It's an Initiative. It's a Movement.


TOGETHER we will ignite the rise of mindful conversations among women addressing topics that matter most.


TOGETHER we will open healthy, transformative dialogue between mothers and daughters.


TOGETHER we will share stories of empowered change to inspire greater transformation.  


TOGETHER we will create a more empowered future for the next generations.  


TOGETHER we will rise!

To learn more about The United State of Women and watch video of the Summit, CLICK HERE

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