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Pre-Order Book Now and Receive Bonus Collection including a
LIVE Virtual AMAZING WOMEN Masterclass + Meditation
Pre-Order Book Now and Receive Bonus Collection including a
LIVE Virtual AMAZING WOMEN Masterclass + Meditation

Join in a 2-Part LIVE Masterclass for FREE with your Book Purchase!


It's our time to summons our BOLDEST, BEST SELF when doing so matters most.

It's our time UNLEASH THE SHEER POWER of the amazing women we are meant to be! 

The Masterclass + Meditation Program was created with this in mind ...

"The more we allow ourselves to become the fullness of our true potential,
the greater the impact we will have in defining our own destiny
and the destiny of the next generations of amazing women."  

Today the issue of staying small, docile, and silent sounds like an outdated problem, but the fact is that even now, especially now, women run into those challenges and demands whenever we find and use our voices.


In fact, after nearly two decades of transformational studies of women and their success, I’ve seen and felt the impact that diminishing our self-worth, silencing our voices and repressing our personal power has had in encouraging too many to organize their lives around a smaller, reduced, less visible version of themselves.

We tend to define our self-image by it.


We structure our career and creative ambitions around it.


We follow rather than lead because of it.


In essence, we tend to accept a reduced version of all we are and can become because of it. Diminishing our self-worth, silencing our voices and repressing our personal power shows up as holding back, standing in the back of the room. It pushes us to hustle ourselves into exhaustion, working relentlessly to prove our worth. In some cases, it moves us to lower our standards and settle for less. And causes us to deny our intelligence, hide our feminine spirit, and even isolate ourselves.  

Here is what I know ... 


Many women are looking for an inside-out approach to putting our best self forward and moving our purposeful callings into the world.  We know to truly liberate our personal power we must let go of the habits and beliefs that keep us chasing, pushing, doubting, and hustling ourselves into exhaustion. 


More than ever many are feeling to stand in the power of our inner-leader and personal authority so we can create a new and more mindful conversation about our passions, purpose, and power to lead.  And we can do it our way with a feeling of deep belonging.  


We've come to recognize we are walking the path of a new, unique destiny. However, way too often we find ourselves doing all of the work but without a sense of joy and enthusiasm while we are doing it. We know we are being called to identify the sheer power in our originality and learn ways to communicate it clearly.


We deeply desire to make an impact. And, to do so we must summons our highest, most evolved self when doing so matters most. That is why so many women are readying themselves to break through the fears and limits that have kept too many of us small and silent for too long.

Amazing Woman, I am so thrilled to invite you to join in this virtual LIVE Masterclass + Meditation Program — an immersion into the practices, perspectives, and connection to inspire you and every woman to access her true power, feminine genius, and re-energized brilliance.


At the end of this program, you will have a relationship with your fear, your desires, and your potential – along with actionable tools for feeling more vibrant in your true voice and anchored in your real and sacred purpose!

You'll take part in this virtual LIVE Masterclass + Meditation Program

Can't make the LIVE Call?  An mp3 of these Valuable Teachings will be sent to you.


Learn the TEN THINGS THE MOST SELF-EMPOWERED WOMEN DON'T DO ... find out how they stand in their power, embrace change, face fears and attune their focus to higher self-awareness, esteem, and success.


Activate higher states of confidence by discovering and dissolving silent beliefs, habits, and attitudes quietly infused into the culture of women's success ... you will learn why they exist and which ones could be unknowingly sabotaging YOU.   


Anchor and activate dynamic new clarity through a meditation practice that merges forward visioning and a heightened state of creativity to support you in embodying the personal power and the presence to manifest your highest destiny and success.



When you pre-order the DEAR AMAZING DAUGHTER book,

you receive a BONUS collection of inspiring interviews especially designed

to move you to stand strong in the value and the power of

the amazing woman you are and are meant to become! 


But don’t wait! These gifts are only available for a limited time.

Pre-order now to claim your copy of the book and your SPECIAL BONUS

collection of intimate interviews with women featured in the


Hear How Women Are Liberating their True Potential and Defining Their Destiny.

Hear How Women Are Transforming Their Conversations About Personal Power,

the Keys to Lasting Confidence, the Importance of Self-Love and the Value of Self-Care. 


Hurry! This offer ends October 21st at Midnight.

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Pre-Order the book now by clicking the link below.


Step 2.

Copy your receipt # and head back to this page.

Step 3.

Submit the form below and you will be emailed Masterclass call-in details plus a link to listen-in to the full audio interview series!

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About Marsh Engle

Marsh Engle is a pioneer and leading authority in the field of women's success by bridging creativity, personal power, and achievement. A multi-published author of the AMAZING WOMAN book series and award-winning entrepreneur, her work and multi-decade research promote practices that lead women to succeed with influence and impact. More about Marsh Engle

Pre-Order the book now by clicking the link above.
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