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Millions are answering the call to embrace

the wealth of feminine prosperity.

Because, Amazing Woman,

our feminine prosperity is the

heart and soul of our Divine Legacy.

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When the vision of THE AMAZING WOMAN NATION presented itself 25 years ago, it was designed as a space where women could find the kind of connection to amplify the wealth of their work and make a radiant mark on the world.


Now, after over two decades, THE AMAZING WOMAN NATION has EVOLVED into a phenomenal collective of women who are flourishing in sacred confidence, achieving their soul inspired goals, and making stunning leaps in their career and business!

At the heart of THE AMAZING WOMAN NATION is a long-overdue reckoning with the contradictions of how to achieve true success ... defining a purpose-driven future that elevates, enriches, and enlivens ... a legacy steeped in feminine prosperity, spiritual authority, and magnifying the radiant truth that our voices are divine, our work is sacred.

I invite you to take your place alongside the thousands of founders, coaches, spiritual entrepreneurs, artists of transformation, and more in answering the call of your divine legacy ... an unprecedented soul-inspired creativity, rich creative expression, true fulfillment ... embracing the wealth of feminine prosperity, the heart of your most stunning success.

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AMAZING WOMAN NATION is a diversified education, media, and merchandising company dedicated to elevating the culture of women's success. Founded by Marsh Engle, the agency is dedicated to curating mentorship programs,

published books, digital trainings, engaging events, 

and social impact campaigns positioned to move millions. 

The alignment of soul & message & legacy.

The energetics of stunning success.


- Join in a Mentorship Group -


A twice-per-month mastermind for impact-makers with 

a brilliant calling in their heart who are ready to 

liberate the radiant wealth of their work.

Join Marsh Engle as we gather to elevate

the wealth of our work ... the power of community ...

the alignment of soul & message & legacy ...

ignite the energetics of stunning success.


Join the millions of women who are liberating the radiant wealth of feminine prosperity to reshape their work, relationships, wellness, and ultimately the world.


It's More than a Book.

It's a Declaration!


- Buy a BESTSELLING Books -

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The Amazing Woman Book Series is dedicated to igniting an unshakable feminine esteem ... reclaiming our voices ... acting upon our

highest potentials ... being wholeheartedly

seen, heard, and celebrated.

Tap into the radiance of feminine prosperity and unlock forgotten abilities, magnify worth, and manifest the unbridled expression of 

your giftedness -- enriching the fulfillment of your purpose, your relationships, your creative wellness, and your infinite potentials.

- Schedule Visionary Consulting -


Discover what it means to fully make your

radiant mark on the world with such 

remark-ability that your life and the lives of those you are here to serve are changed. Forever.

Marsh Engle provides personalized visionary consulting to bring into vivid focus the overlooked, under-valued remark-ability of

your own unique and individual BRANDmark of success.


 Be infused with

daily inspiration.

Quotes, stories, 

reels, and 

inspiration to

fire-up confidence 

and motivation,.

Tune-in to

Marsh Engle's 


The place to find AMAZING WOMAN NATION FOUNDER Marsh Engle's most comprehensive career profile.

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