Each individual POWER TALK SESSION is delivered by an

AMAZING WOMAN who is moving her inspired idea into the world.


Think TED TALK meets SUPER SOUL SESSIONS with a touch of

'say like it is' stirring honesty that is sure to get you out of your seat, pioneering new potentials for your own life and possibly the world.


The goal THE POWER TALK Series is to ignite

The Call To Lead in fields like entrepreneurship, leadership,

creativity, mindset, education, health, lifestyle and

the transformational arts — expanding the

voice + vision of women around the world.


Watch now + be moved by a woman and a message

that will ignite something new in you!




Bold. Deliberate. Sometimes Surprising. Always Moving.

Donna De Luca

Acclaimed speaker, popular guest on radio and founder of BE THE CHANGE GLOBAL,

an innovative youth leadership

program teaching personal and 

professional development.


Conni Ponturo

Trailblazing transformational fitness expert and author of Falling Into Joy, a guide to

achieve the perfect mixture of physical movement while energizing the spirit.


Justine Arian

Award-winning advocate,

women's empowerment leader 

and life coach dedicated to amplifying confidence

in all areas of life: relationships, career,

business,motherhood and success. 

Internationally known, award winning filmmaker and author, most notable as the Co-Writer, Director and Producer of What The Bleep Do We Know?! 



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