brand definition and career design 

for the woman who is called to lead.


Dear Leading Woman ...




What I know is that every successful woman entrepreneur, visionary, coach and community leader has invested time and resources to define and design a brand image that elevates her ability to express who she truly is.


What I also know is that in order to build a deeply-aligned career and contribute to the world in powerful ways, the specific type of support that is right for you is exclusive to your unique and individual call to lead.



The Essentials for building a deeply aligned career

and contributing to the world in a powerful way!


My world-class training and career consulting has

supported over 25,000 authors, speakers and leaders --

developing programs, courses and community experiences designed to launch and grow mission-driven businesses and

deeply aligned careers -- supporting women in making

powerful and significant contributions to the world!

This premiere program is 

offered by invitation only.



a premiere, highly focused career design program developed exclusively for the woman who is looking to create significant forward movement in her career, business and success.


Amazing Women Inspiring Millions!

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 The Art of Moving Millions

Brand Definition and Career Design 

for the Transformational Entrepreneur, Coach

Healer, Cultural Creative and Community Leader.



"The Art of Moving Millions" Development Modules include:


>>> The First Module: Your Engagement Code

The Engagement Code is the single most important piece of content you’ll create for your brand and business. It takes everything you’ve done, everything you stand for, and the answers you provide and builds it into a single communication device to create a deeply aligned career.


  • Positioning Your Purpose

  • Identify Your Authentic Audience


 The Engagement Code defines ways to position your purpose and ‘stand out’ in the packaging of your work and your brand message in such a way that leaves you unforgettable in the mind of your authentic audience. ​


  • Build powerful engagement and stand-out in your message

  • Amplify creditability and attract your authentic audience

  • Tap the power of communication to promote your work



>>> The Second Module:  Your Signature Talk

Learn easy methods to organize your thoughts, ideas, and expertise into a message that attracts a larger and ever-growing audience to grow your exclusive community.



>>> The Third Module:  Your Revenue Model

Your Signature Product / Signature Offer



>>> The Fourth Module:  Your Interview Profile

A dynamic interview draws the audience in and close to you. It's allows your audience to relate to you, engage in your message and remember you.  


It's here you'll craft your own personal "MOVE MILLION" Keynote Interview Profile. You learn how to give structure to your interview to ensure your audience is buzzing about what you stand for and the services your provide. 


  • Design interview topics and content to ensure that you are prepared and primed to delivery the message that most powerfully represents you and your brand.​



>>> The Fifth Module:  Your Signature LIVE Event

Collaborative Marketing. Partnerships. Strategic Relationships


MODULE 1:  Signature Brand Definition / Distinguish


MODULE 2:  Signature Message / Master Communication


MODULE 3:  Core Audience / Community Avatar


MODULE 4:  Community Design / Organization


MODULE 5:  Collaborative Marketing. Partnerships. Strategic Relationships


MODULE 6:  Signature Product


MODULE 7:  Media Model / Podcast


MODULE 8:  LIVE Event Production