Amazing Woman Legacy Leaders

Defining Our Destiny.  Evolving Our Futures.

Julia Loggins

Digestive Health Expert

Creator of The Ultimate Happy

Gut Cleanse

I AM RISING in the power and freedom of the recognition that a

happy gut leads to a happy life.

Stefanie Grizzelle

Beauty Influencer

Beauty / Life / Wellness

I AM RISING in the acceptance of my value and worth.

Lisa Berry

International Show Host,

Author, Holistic Life Coach

I AM RISING as the creator of the

life I live.

Brianne Dodd

Intuitive Energy Healer

I AM RISING as I embody my unique gifts and align in my personal power.

Pamela Plick

Money Mentor for Women 

Personal and Professional Success

CFP®, Certified Money Coach (CMC)®

I AM RISING in my money power.

Jacqueline Bambenek

Holistic Health and Beauty Coach

Access Bars Facilitator & Practitioner

I AM RISING as the Divine Feminine

here to shine forth light and love into our world.

Tami Roos

Meditation Teacher, Vibrational Educator, Best-Selling Author, Speaker and Intuitive Counsellor

I AM RISING through the gifts of meditation.

Susan Kastner

Conscious Entrepreneur

Transformational Leader

I AM RISING as I accept my imperfections and step into courage

and tenacity by channeling my feminine strength.

Margaux Joy DeNador

Creative Life Balance Coach, Author, Singer-Songwriter

Live Your Music Show Host

I AM RISING as I live my music.

Czerny Hudson

Conscious Mompreneur

I AM RISING as my body and mind are in harmonious balance.

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