Dear Amazing Woman ...


The world needs you! In fact, right now there are people waiting to receive more of your ideas, talents and passions. 


This is why I created THE LEADERSHIP COUNCIL: a group dedicated to developing the success of women entreprenerurs, change-makers, career visionaries, healers and those who are committed to rise-up in their authentic creative power. 


What I know now is that to build an extraordinary career around our unique talents and expertise, we each must learn ways to master essential powers that will have you earning and manifesting your highest vision. And, there is no better way to achieve this than through a community who sees and inspires your greatest possibilities and potentials!

We rise up together to build

successful revolutionary 

projects and careers, brands and businesses positioned to benefit millions!

Dedicated to Developing Your Success


Claim Your Place in a Movement of Leaders!

Master the essential powers that will have you 

earning, manifesting, thriving and amplifying

your unique call to lead!

The First Essential Power: Define Your Distinctions

To stand in the power of your call to lead, you must know how to position your unique, one-of-a-kind message and how to speak your wisdom in a way that's concise, engaging, memorable and impactful. The thing about brand position is that

it is always evolving. Knowing how to navigate this path of expansion, 

is key to activating your call to lead and amplifing your power to succeed!


The Second Essential Power: Know What You Stand For

A magnetic presence draws people to you, opens doors and manifests opportunities. The powerful growth of your presence translates into greater influence.

And, that means new income, higher creativity and expressive freedom.

Surprisingly, the power of presence is, too many times, the most overlooked

and undervalued essential that, when mastered, sets free your power to succeed.


The Third Essential Power: Engage Intentional Leadership

Accessing clarity and focus and commitment is a key difference-maker in

your ability to influence inspired shifts in the lives of people around you, 

and in your own success -- and possibly, the world.

That's why cultivating the “energetics” and intelligence of your true intention is essential to free up your abilities to manifest outrageously powerful results.



The Fourth Essential Power: Access Your Power to Make Money

True wealth and prosperity ignites as you learn ways to 

fully embody your purpose, presence and intention.

Mastering this power allows you to soar in

your relationship with money and thrive financially; 

build a business or career on your own terms;

and fuel fierce and passionate and consistent forward movement.


The Fifth Essential Power: The Balance of Collaborative Partnership

Collaboration strengthens creativity, accelerates your power to manifest and 

moves you beyond the isolating model of solo business building.

It moves you into an elevated field of mutual creativity  — activating more 

power to succeed than doing it alone could ever produce!


The Six Essential Power: Stand in Your Will to Lead

The intention of THE LEADERSHIP COUNCIL is to anchor

consistent action, cultivating the perfect blend of

purpose and prosperity. It's a path that let’s you feel amazing

about what you are doing and how you’re doing it!  

Always tailored to your specific expertise and vision;

personality and passions and inspirations:

The essential ingredients of your power to succeed!  



As a member of THE LEADERSHIP COUNCIL you receive:


Every month, Marsh Engle and her special guest experts

will provide success coaching to move you forward. 


Each month gain access to exclusive support during three 45-minute group teleconference mastermind sessions. You will be provided a dedicated, private phone line and access number. All calls are recorded. And, after each session an mp3 recording will be sent to you. That means you will never miss a session. If you are unavailable to join LIVE, you won't miss out on a moment of the training and interaction and support.   



The monthly training and assessment call expands the power of your creativity and opens a stream of new ideas and resources. The support you receive during this session is led by Marsh Engle and her team of educators and experts, featuring real-time coaching and conversations with the best of the best in the world of women's success and leadership.



Your most pressing questions are answered immediately during the OPEN OFFICE. This means you'll never be stuck again! Marsh will answer any question that impacts your career and business development including undetected self-doubt … even the tiniest infusion of fear and low confidence  … that can be robbing you of speaking the power of your message, reaching the audience you desire to impact and fulfilling future that you’re meant to have. Email your questions to Marsh before the call and have them answered on the call.



Clarity. Intention. Action. The monthly accountability call raises the bar on deliberate, focused action. You'll learn the practice Marsh believes essential to ensuring continuous forward movement -- blowing the ceiling off of your power to lead!


Re-charge. Re-focus. Re-define.

And, Rise-up in your power to lead! 


Marsh Engle Photographs By:  Monique Feil


Confirm your six-month membership today!


The connection you'll experience here is

the one that you've been asking for -- the space

for a passionate start and a bold finish!

Marsh Engle is an award winning entrepreneur

pioneering a new wave of success leadership.

Her programs and events have guided thousands of

change-makers, career visionaries and entrepreneurs into

the soul of their purpose and sheer power to succeed!

The Leadership Council Membership includes: 


  • Monthly interactive masterclass


1. Defining and refining your signature message

2. Money and Pricing of Services

3. Media presence and interview skills
4. Becoming a Confident Speaker
5. Writing Your Book

6. Engaging and growing an audience


  • Bi-weekly virtual coworking sessions 

  • Accountability partner

  • Ongoing virtual community support



Women and men from across the United States, Europe and Canada have sought out Marsh Engle to help them make spectacular leaps in their career and business - while inspiring transformation in their personal lives. Why?  Because Marsh is a brilliant identifer of opportunities, hidden talents and undervalued strengths often invisible to others.


Marsh is passionate about providing you with the mentorship, resources and inspiration to zero in on your highest success and find ways to bring it to life ― as fast, energetically and enthusiastically as possible.


Her work in the field of women's success, creative esteem, leadership and business development is redefining the culture of women's success leadership — in career, in business and in life.


Marsh started her entrepreneurial career, including multiple successful start-ups, as a single mom of two young sons.


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