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You are invited to become a distinguished member of the

AMAZING WOMAN NATION Faculty of Educators


Showcase the power of your message and your work as you claim your position in the AMAZING WOMAN NATION faculty of educators. The Amazing Woman Nation CAMPUS is comprised of thinkers, teachers, coaches and creators whose ideas are shaping a shift in the culture of women’s lives, self-understanding, creativity, and advancement in a rapidly changing world.



ABOUT THE AMAZING WOMAN NATION. Nurturing the art and soul of creativity in the lives and the work of women.




Backed by the long legacy of the AMAZING WOMAN brand of books and live events, ELEMENTS BY AMAZING WOMAN is the first ever multi-media series that combines published book and digital eCourse taught by a collaborative faculty of coaches, teachers, healers, mentors, and experts in their field. 


ELEMENTS BY AMAZING WOMAN is strategically designed to:


  • Provide you support for audience growth

  • Provide you support for lead generation

  • Provide you support for digital eCourse optimization


The program merges three components:


  • Authorship of an ELEMENTS BY AMAZING WOMAN Book

  • Leadership of an ELEMENTS BY AMAZING WOMAN 4-Part Digital eCourse

  • Marketing funnel to direct your audience to your digital eCourse






You are invited to join the


 and our first collection of lead generating

condensed books + digital courses. 






Where mindful living meets unbridled creativity.

Where work meets passion. And, success means SHEER JOY!


AMAZING WOMAN NATION is thrilled to announce the creation of our first-ever collection

of lead-generating condensed books and digital educational courses taught by women who are experts in their field.


Your participation provides you an opportunity to …


  • BECOME the author your own book

  • GROW your income through your own Digital Course

  • ALIGN with the creditability of the AMAZING WOMAN brand (established in 2001)

  • AMPLIFY your impact through a supportive marketing campaign

  • GENERATE new client leads

  • ELEVATE your professional profile, expand your audience


Each book and digital course in the series features exclusive MASTERCLASS content to enhance the lives of women by

offering a signature step-by-step learning experience.


The AMAZING WOMAN ESSENTIALS BOOKS + DIGITAL COURSES feature lifestyle content to enhance the professional, spiritual, and personal lives of women through a collection of step-by-step offerings addressing specialized topics.


  • Each customized specialized book in the series is 85-120 pages.

  • The books will be made available in both PRINT & eBOOK formats.

  • The digital course offering will be a 4-part educational experience. 


You are invited to apply today if you are an expert in one of these 5 key categories:




  • Entrepreneurship

  • Leadership

  • Money

  • Achievement

  • Life Vision | Focus | Goalsetting




  • Inspiration

  • Intuition

  • Meditation

  • Fulfillment

  • Purpose




  • Motivation

  • Confidence

  • Trust

  • Optimism

  • Emotional Intelligence




  • Wellness

  • Body Movement

  • Nutrition

  • Mindfulness

  • Happiness



  • Collaboration

  • Friendship

  • Networking

  • Community

  • Parenting




  • Feng Shui

  • Organizing

  • Beauty

  • Workspace

  • Balance / Time Management








Showcase Your Work. Grow Your Audience.

Impact Lives. Elevate Your Creditability. And Your Success.


The AMAZING WOMAN ESSENTIALS program offers you more than only LEAD GENERATING. This program is a structured and strategically written book and digital eCourse designed to support you professionally and your growth as a teacher, coach or consultant.  By effectively planning and formatting specifically in this way, the book and eCourse goes beyond driving pre-qualified clients to your website … it grows your client base by moving them into your program. When strategically written, readers of your book learn about your work and gain trust in you as a transformational author.  Once your LEAD GENERATION BOOK is published, it will continue to grow your client-base forever.


  • Grow your income through direct sales of your book and digital eCourse.

  • Showcase your signature teaching through the pages of your book.

  • Build trust and gain immediate creditability with your ideal client.

  • Generate invitations to speak and share the message of your book.

  • Host Retreats and lead workshops based on the content of your book.

Get the guidance and tools you need to transform your business using LEAD GENERATING Books.

Together, we will work to write your own signature book AND implement a plan for successfully launching, publishing, and promoting your book.




  • Podcast Profile

  • Creation of your own exclusive Sales Page (Karta Page)

  • Creation of your own Signature 4-Part Digital Course

  • Book Images for use on your website and in social media

  • Educator profile on the AMAZINGWOMANNATION.COM website




Only $3,497 for the production and promotion of both print & eBook 

(reg. $3,997)

Investment: Only

OR take advantage of our easy payment plan and make

4 monthly payments of ONLY $947! 

Investment: Only

 PLUS this BONUS: 

FREE access to the "30 Day Write Your Book Workshop" online training to help you write your book more quickly and easily! (value $149)

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