There's no doubt about it, we are walking the path of a new and rapidly changing world ... so many are feeling the call to step forward trailblazing transformational change ... innovating and guiding ... creating and inspiring. But to truly make our biggest contribution to the world we must learn the deeper meaning of our purpose ... and that requires unlocking forgotten potentials ... setting free the fullness of our capacities ... and finding new ways to bring our sacred work to the world in bigger, bolder ways.


Industry leaders, change-makers, and champions of greatness. My guests can seem larger than life at times, but they’ve all been impacted by coronavirus just like you and I. Many have had their life’s work threatened by changes in the economy.

They saw sales dip and watched as parts of their business dried up. For others, working from home has slowed productivity, or forced them to reconsider the positioning of their brands and products.

Mel Robbins lost her show before coronavirus, and was driven to reconsider her entire career. Gary Vee lost his speaking engagements for the foreseeable future. Matthew Hussey had to shift his relationship coaching strategies. DeVon Franklin had many of his Hollywood projects halted by “safer at home” orders.

Yet there’s one thing that makes people like Mel, Gary, Matthew, DeVon and many of my other guests so well prepared for these economic downturns:

They have personal brands that allow them to pivot. 

Life can change. The economy can change. If you want to build long-term security and resist change when it comes, creating a personal brand will allow you to pivot on a dime.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a freelancer, or a full-time employee, I want to make sure you don't become obsolete in our rapidly changing economy and world.

You could be rethinking your strategy right now, and realize those ideas sitting on the shelf can no longer wait. The most important thing in times like these is to resist fear. 

You have something to offer, which means you can make money doing what you love. It isn't about being the best, it’s about being the best at being yourself.


Back in 2008, I began planting the seeds for The School of Greatness. What began as a my side hustle in the middle of a recession, grew into a seven-figure business.

There are many opportunities I took a hard pass on because they didn't align with my values or lifestyle. I wanted my business to allow me to play handball, experience different walks of life, and hang out with amazing people. That means not waiting for the perfect time to start. Your vision might be way different.

Do you want to work fewer hours a week? Do you want to see the world? Do you have dreams you want to pursue while building a second income stream?

Now is the time to gain clarity and build your business/consultancy/service/side hustle in a way that works to support your lifestyle. We don’t want to get to the end of our life and realize that we neglected what was most important to us.

If you are ready to start building a brand that can become a thriving online business...

I can teach you how. 

Join me on Thursday, June 25th, at 10 a.m. PDT for a FREE webinar where I’ll teach you how to become a lifestyle entrepreneur. I will show you how to build a brand that will allow you to live and work, your way.

Register for this FREE training called "The Rise of the Lifestyle Entrepreneur."

Spend about 90 minutes with me and I'll help you connect the dots between where you want to go, and what action steps you can start taking today.

I’ll see you Thursday at 10 a.m. PDT.

To Greatness,

With all that’s going on in the world, do you feel called to help change the world?

Do you feel called to really step into the life you were meant to live so you can bring your gifts where they’re so needed?

Maybe you have spiritual gifts awakening inside you… perhaps energy healing or telepathy or clairvoyance…

Or maybe there’s a creative project you’ve been meaning to tackle — it could be anything — perhaps a book you were meant to write that will help shift people’s thinking and change old systems that don’t support humanity or the planet…

You might feel a call to be an activist or to step deeper into activism — for Black Lives Matter, for women, for children, for immigrants, for endangered species…

Or a game-changing idea for addressing climate change, reducing plastic, or guiding companies on ethical practices…

People around the world are awakening to the need for change, and maybe your gift is igniting them into action, giving them hope, counseling them, or giving them guidance to grow.

Whatever you’re called to, if you’re getting little nudges, it’s no wonder…

The “global pause” has not been easy for many, but it’s certainly brought a lot of time for reflection on what needs to change.

While these times we’re living are certainly “unprecedented,” they’re transformational times…

… catalytic times, rife with potential, calling you to action to help birth a new Earth.


Now more than ever, it’s time for you to step into leadership. Because when you achieve the life you were meant to live, you lead others by example, but you also lift as you RISE.

Are you ready to be who you’re meant to be, to become a leader in your sphere of influence?

To be an agent of powerful, positive change in the world?

To create the life you want for yourself, your family, the Earth?

One of the keys to creating this needed change — and stepping into leadership in your life, your community, and beyond — is through raising your frequency and connecting to your higher guidance.

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