Dear Amazing Woman ...


My sense is you are feeling it. Something new is emerging in you. You know there's more for you ... something more to be expressed, shared and experienced. You know it and millions of other women know it, too ... 


A soulful, inspired purpose is emerging through you.

We have entered a time in which the subtle, magnificence force of our soul’s calling is urging us to put into action 

our yearning to live from the authentic power and passion

of ALL we truly are … creative, intelligent, inspired, intuitive, gifted, innovative, transformative AND purposeful.


Whether you're longing to create a career that fully honors your purpose; or, you want to build on the success you've already achieved and create the clarity for even greater impact ... it's time to embody your authentic passion and tap into a level of creativity so unimagined, so rich, so vibrant that your relationship with your power to create will never be the same!


"When you ignite your true feminine creative mindset 

and align with your authentic purpose, 

you tap into a level of passion and creativity so unimagined, 

so rich, so vibrant, that your relationship with your

power to create will never be the same.”


Together we rise to manifest our

unique inspired purpose and

make the impact we are here to make!

For nearly two decades I have immersed myself in the study and teaching of the extraordinary manifesting powers of women who are aligned with their purpose and passion. In fact, since 2001 thousands of women have already put to use these inspired feminine creative principles to amplify the clarity of their calling, ignite unfailing confidence and access higher success.


Now, I invite you to join me for THE FEMININE MINDSET MASTERCLASS,

a 3-part series where you'll gain access to the practices and the support to make the next big leap to impact the world with your gifts and talents. 

What I know is this ...


This is the time to break free of old lingering self-doubt ... fully engage ALL of our potentials and manifest from the core of your creative power.  To do this requires that we, activate the power of AUTHENTIC ALIGNMENT™ and embody your soul inspired passions and purpose.

During THE SACRED AGREEMENTS MINDSET MASTERCLASS I'll show you how to fully embody the power of Authentic Alignment ... igniting an empowered, focused and vibrant mindset to tap into a level of passion and creativity so unimagined that your relationship with your power to live your purpose will never be the same.

  • That means pristine CLARITY, no more confusion or foggy over-thinking.

  • Deliberate action, no more delays or painful procrastination.

  • Solid decisions, no more spiraling self-doubt.

  • A flow of FORWARD MOVEMENT, no more stalls or frustrating false starts.


  • And, it means being WELL COMPENSATED as you share your gifts.

  • It means drawing to you the opportunities that will open the doors to your dreams.

  • It means attracting the people and the resources to collaborate for greater results.

  • It means allowing more CREATIVE EASE and letting go of the struggle

  • It means allowing your voice to be heard and your message received

  • It also means celebrating all that's beautiful about being feminine and resourceful.

  • It means being elegant in our power and fully expressed in our passions.

  • It means a natural charisma, confidence and a magnetic presence.



But, most of all, it means realizing a life that fulfills your heart and soul —- flourishing as an amazing woman who is unapologetic about the fulfilling work she is here to do — fully seen for ALL she truly is.


Master THE SACRED AGREEMENTS that will have you 

earning, manifesting, thriving and amplifying

your passion, purpose and call to lead!



TOGETHER ... through guidance designed to activate creativity,

focus and action ... and through intimate sharing and group dialogue ... we will access the undeniable power of authentic alignment.


Amplify Your CREATIVITY.  Accelerate Your POTENTIALS!

Come into authentic alignment with ALL of your

sacred gifts, talents, abilities and potentials.

The thing about authentic alignment is that it is always evolving.

Knowing how to navigate this path of continuous expansion, 

is key to activating the clarity and the evolution of your sacred work!


Activate Your Magnetic Presence

A magnetic presence draws people to you.

It opens doors and it manifests the miracelous and the unimagined.

Growth of your presence immediately translates into greater influence.

And, that means more creativity and expressive freedom.

Surprisingly, the silent power of presence is too many times undervalued.

But, when true presence is activated,

it's an empowered statement of all you stand for.

You are real, resourceful and receptive to your highest success.



Expand Your Empowered Manifesting Mindset

True wealth ignites as you fully embody the

untapped power of your feminine creative passions.

Mastering this power allows you to thrive financially; 

build an inspired career on your own terms;

fuel a fierce confidence to bring your boldest self to your biggest ideas


Know Beyond a Doubt What You Stand For

Accessing supreme focus is a key difference-maker in your ability to

create impact and move forward with deliberate action. 

That's why being in alignment with your authentic purpose is essential to

free up the energy and the creativity 

to manifest opportunities and optimize results.


Allow the Emergence of Sacred Self Esteem

As you find a balanced complement of Sacred Self Esteem,

your passion is amplified ― connection fortified  creativity energizied 

and your power to manifest is accelerated through inspired actions.  

You naturally 'own' your place in the world,

powerfully and unapologetically.


Set Free Your Passion to Live, Love  and Lead.

Find the perfect blend of creative desire and purpose-driven action.

No more threat of burn-out from overwork. 

Instead, you will learn ways to navigate a path paved in ways to 

feel amazing about what you are doing and how you’re doing it!  


Every class session will give you creative exercises and meditations designed to move you into an even deeper 

alignment with your authentic purpose and passions.


THE COMPLETE COURSE is delivered in

3 dynamic 90-minute calls on

May 11th, May 18th and May 25th

5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. PST

7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. CTS

8:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. EST

If you can't make the calls, no worry!

An mp3 recording of each session will be sent to you.

Plus your registration equips you with a

full collection of resources including


along with the authentic alignment inventory

​and Sacred Agreements energy activations

delivered daily to your inbox for 30 days.


Moving thousands to liberate their purpose,

The Sacred Agreements

gives you a mighty resource 

to fully embody your own call to lead;

passionately, on purpose and unapologetically.


And, you will receive


including Marsh Engle's NEW Book

The Collection is Valued at Over $300.00

Limited to the First 100 to Register 

Only $47 

Plus $5 Book Shipping


Each of THE SACRED AGREEMENTS is a powerful activator of creativity

amplifying the power of your

purpose and passion!

Based upon Marsh Engle’s

acclaimed work moving thousands to liberate their purpose and passion,

The Sacred Agreements

gives you a mighty resource to fully embody your own authentic power;

passionately, on purpose

and unapologetically.

($16.95 Value)



The Authentic Alignment Inventory is a compass and score card for easily identifying where you are stuck or places you may be sabotaging yourself that may be undetected. The more you know about the dynamics of your creative process - AND the more you are equipped to eliminate any imbalances - the better equipped you become to accelerate forward movement. ($59 Value)



THE SACRED AGREEMENTS DAILY is delivered straight to your inbox for 30 DAYS. Imagine a daily infusion of inspiration and motivation to activate the energy to bring your boldest self to your biggest ideas and most passionate dreams to life. ($27 Value)



You likely know by now that I'm fully commitment to move women to live their highest and greatest potentials. And have been for nearly 20 years. Thousands of women and five published books later, I'm more inspired than ever and my sense is you are, too! That's why when you purchase THE SACRED AGREEMENTS COLLECTION, I am gifting an AMAZING WOMAN book -- dedicated in your name -- to a woman rebuilding her life. Because I believe when women support one another, amazing things happen! ($20 Value) 




includes THE COURSE

Plus, Marsh Engle's new book


the authentic alignment assessment tool and ​exclusive Sacred Agreements energy activations 

delivered daily to your inbox for 30 days!


And, you will receive


Valued at Over $300.00


Limited to the First 100 to Register

 Only $47 

Plus $5 Book Shipping

Marsh Engle Photographs By:  Monique Feil

 Women and men from across the United States, Europe and Canada have sought out Marsh Engle to help them make spectacular leaps in their career and business - while inspiring transformation in their personal lives. Why?  Because Marsh is a brilliant identifer of opportunities, hidden talents and undervalued strengths often invisible to others.


Marsh is passionate about providing you with the mentorship, resources and inspiration to zero in on your highest success and find ways to bring it to life ― as fast, energetically and enthusiastically as possible.


Her work in the field of women's success, creativity, higher self esteem, leadership and business development is redefining the culture of women's success and leadership — in career, in business and in life.


Marsh started her entrepreneurial career, including multiple successful start-ups, as a single mom of two young sons.


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