Announcing the PREMIERE Audio Series

Dedicated Exclusively to Amplifying and Raising

the Voices and Visibility of Women Leaders!






women who are


impacting the world.

Who Are the Women of the Movement?

Want to know how to expand your reach, increase your impact

and be recognized as a leader in your field? 

This Publishing Platform Provides.

Exclusive Community:  Colleagues

Having a deeply-aligned team of colleagues to support you along the way is the single biggest catalyst of success. Why? Because it fuels accountability and collaboration, because it energizes and motivates commitment. In essence, it creates acceleration.


Exclusive Training: The "Move Millions" Master Class

Knowing how to engage an audience and powerfully communicate through all forms of media -- stage, interviews, print -- is essential for optimized success. The fact is, many times the most valuable assets of your message and the answers you provide are hidden away or overlooked. Or, simply not spoken in words and language that powerfully engages your audience. That's why the "Move Millions" Master Class is included as educational curriculum.   


The 4-Module "Move Millions" Masterclass includes:


>>> The First Module: Your Engagement Code


  • Build powerful engagement and stand-out in your message

  • Amplify creditability and attract your authentic audience

  • Tap the power of communication to authentically promote your work


The "Move Millions" Master Class shows you how to craft your Engagement Code: This is the single most important piece of content you’ll create for your brand and business. It takes everything you’ve done, everything you stand for, and the answers you provide and builds it into a single communication device to create massive forward movement.


  • Design ways to ‘stand out’ in the packaging of your work and brand message in such a way that you ignite a charisma that leaves you unforgettable in the mind of your audience. ​


>>> The Second Module: The Media + Marketing Checklist

This one document gives you all you will need to be ready to step centerstage and be prepared for appearances in media as a speaker, author and leader. 


  • Learn easy methods to organize your thoughts, ideas, and expertise into a message that attracts a larger, ever-growing response to your products, programs and services.​


>>> The Third Module:  Your "Move Millions" Keynote Interview Profile

A dynamic interview or keynote talk allows the audience to relate to you, to engage in your message, to remember you and, most importantly, draw the audience in and close to you. It's here you'll craft your own personal "MOVE MILLION" Keynote Interview Profile. You learn how to give structure to your interview to ensure your audience is buzzing about what you stand for and the services your provide. 


  • Design interview topics and content to ensure that you are prepared and primed to delivery the message that most powerfully represents you and your brand.


>>> The Fourth Module:  The Six Elements of Evangelism

It's here that you'll craft your 'sacred sound bite' messaging that carries the optimal potential for rapid, large-scale audience-building and sharing.


This 4-Module Program is delivered in a 3-Part Teleclass Series / 90-minutes each.

Support: Open Office Hours


The fact is, questions always come up ...


  • There will be ideas you'd like to bounce off of me and the other members.

  • There are always ways a brand can be refined and made more relevant.

  • There are always new ways of marketing a message, launching a product, more.

  • There are always fresh approaches to move an audience to action.

  • There are always resources to be shared with you.

  • And, there will always be ways members can support the work of one another.


That's why I’ve included "Open Office Hours" -- time allocated to answer questions, share resources and provide support.


The Open Office Hours is 45 minutes of pure mastermind connection for 12 weeks. That's three months -- nearly 10 hours -- where you get direct access to me and other

members. Every Friday at 9 am Pacific / 12 Noon Eastern I’ll open up a private

conference line for you to drop in and ask me about whatever it is you require help with. And, we'll open up a hardy dialogue for you to get in your BIG ASK and follow it up with 'resource sharing'. If you can’t make the call, all is good. You can submit your question beforehand to get the answer.


All Open Office Hours are virtual and recorded for you. The audio recordings are posted on "The Called To Lead Mastermind" private group page in the ONE MILLION CALLED website. So you never have to worry about missing out, even if you can’t make one of the sessions.

Pillar #4: The Council FACEBOOK Group


As a member of The Leadership Council, you will be invited to join a private Facebook group where the conversation is protected. Where everyone is there to support. Where each woman is inspired to rise-up in their vision. Having this level of sustained support is a massive. 

Pillar #6:  Your Online Profile.

Promote Your Mission and Become a Trusted Leader in Your Field.

The purpose of Your Online Profile is to maximize your visibility, build an audience for your work, inspire and drive success.


• Hear from and read about women leaders and their work 
• Let people know how your message and work is impacting lives
• Inform people how they can access your work and services

You will receive guidance to powerfully communicate your profile and expand visibility. "The Called to Lead" PROFILE TEMPLATE includes The 4 Essential Questions to Move People to Instant Action. The template will support you to pinpoint and hone the perfect communication of your profile. 



Marketing and Publicity

As a member of "The Called To Lead Mastermind" you will will be showcased as an Educational Leader in THE ONE MILLION CALLED movement campaign. And, you will be included in marketing campaign of the I AM CALLED TO LEAD AudioBook.

  • Premiere visibility in our ongoing social media marketing campaign

  • Social Media showcase in the I AM CALLED TO LEAD AudioBook campaign

  • News release announcement: An electronic news release announcing the release of the I AM CALLED TO LEAD AudioBook will include your name, business name and website address.



Though best known as an inspired motivational speaker and mentor to entrepreneurial women worldwide, Marsh Engle is also a highly respected marketing advisor to small business leaders, authors, celebrities and start-ups. She consults with major corporations and production studios on women’s brand initiatives.


Her marketing campaigns generate worldwide impact. The award-winning AMAZING WOMAN'S DAY and THE ONE MILLION CALLED campaigns have served to launch global movements inspiring millions to live their highest creative callings, dreams and entrepreneurial destiny.

Marsh Engle is CEO of The Marsh Engle Media, a diversified media, career development, publishing and merchandising company devoted to engaging audiences with creative lifestyle content, training programs and published products. She's been awarded a United States Congressional Proclamation for the establishment of AMAZING WOMAN’S DAY, a global movement inspiring entrepreneurship among women; is a multi-published author; and founder of ONE MILLION CALLED, an initiative designed to move women to stand in their unshakable esteem and answer the call of their entrepreneurial destiny to benefit millions.


Marsh started her entrepreneurial career, including three successful start-ups, as a single mom.


Named WHO'S WHO IN AMERICA WOMEN, her groundbreaking programs, special events and speaking egagements have been instrumental in launching the success leadership of thousands worldwide. Her client list has included Australian Broadcasting, Children’s Television Workshop, Paramount and Warner Bros. She’s been a featured broadcast host on CBS-Radio. She's appeared as a featured guest on a multitude of television and radio interviews.


The Marsh Engle Radio Show currently broadcasts each week on VoiceAmerica Women where she speaks to a global audience about what it takes to create lives of meaning, careers of passion, business with spirit, and the power of saying 'yes' to higher success!  


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