It's time to elevate your brand and business to one your audience loves.

YOUR PURPOSE-FUELED WORK. It's radiant. It's magnetic. It's significant.

BUT ... too many times the most valuable assets of your brand and business are easily overlooked or completely missed by the exact people who can benefit most from the answers, solutions, and services you provide.

It's the woman entrepreneur who knows how to
fuel the power of her purpose-driven work
that's destined to transform the world.
Begins on September 17th
In this session, TOGETHER we will ...

  • Learn ways to create greater IMPACT and INFLUENCE by accessing the power of AUTHENTIC STORYTELLING throughout your marketing campaigns and social media messaging.

  • Reach and improve the lives of thousands by igniting PURPOSEFUL CHARISMA, a style of ENGAGEMENT that leaves you unforgettable in the mind of your audience.

  • Every great story of SOULFUL SUCCESS begins by activating the power to attract your 'true' audience.​ Learn ways to not only identify your audience but do so in a way that allows you to stay true to the callings of your soul. 

  • Define ways to transform your brand energy into the marketing power to serve your clients without hustling, working harder, or spinning your wheels. 

  • DESIGN a daily practice that nourishes your INNER-MUSE to support your capacity to easily and naturally manifest higher results.

  • Activate a MANIFESTING MINDSET through the power of THE CREATIVE MINDSTREAMING Practice that blends a form of Energetic Repatterning with visioning, meditation, and affirmative thought.   

  • Establish a sincere and lasting emotional bond with your audience and amplify the magnetism you bring to your work, business, and success!

  • Finally and forever ignite the ESTEEM and CONFIDENCE to take bigger and bolder actions.

Get GUIDANCE on how you can CREATE & LIVE INTO the highest version of your PURPOSE. 

Harness the power to

fuel your passions,

spark your creativity, and invigorate your soul

so that you can end 2020 with purposeful, inspired action.


September 17th. September 24th. October 1st.

Each level of The ART OF MOVING MILLIONS Masterclass series includes:

  • 3 weekly 75-minute Livestream sessions online where I'll teach a range of essential, practical methods for building a 'soulful brand' and amplifying your manifesting power -- marketing with authentic storytelling, mindset & learning, community engagement, culture building, meditation, creativity -- and, more! 

  • Q&A sessions for dialoguing and getting answers to your questions directly. 


  • Downloadable PDF worksheets.

  • All course materials stored for you in the course's private member's area.

  • Lifetime access to all course materials.

  • Surround yourself with other purpose-fueled women and make meaningful connections that will last beyond the event - this is NOT a passive webinar, you WILL interact, connect, and make new friends, all from the comfort of your own home! 

I invite you to be part in this one-of-a-kind Masterclass Series and get the inspired support AND actionable guidance for nearly every aspect of pursuing your purpose!


Join Marsh Engle 

for a 3-week LIVE experience 
October 1st

3 Session Membership

in this Masterclass Series 

is available on

a sliding scale. 

Full replays provided.


September 17th.  September 24th.  October 1st

1 p.m. PST / 4 p.m. EST


Can't make the LIVE session?


you'll be sent the full study guide along with an

MP3 audio recording following each of the LIVE sessions.

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Though best known as an inspired motivational speaker and mentor to entrepreneurial women worldwide, Marsh Engle is also a highly respected marketing advisor to small business leaders, authors, celebrities and start-ups. She consults with major corporations and production studios on women’s brand initiatives.


As the founder of the AMAZING WOMAN NATION marketing campaigns designed by Marsh Engle have generated worldwide impact. The award-winning AMAZING WOMAN'S DAY and THE ONE MILLION CALLED campaigns have served to launch global movements inspiring millions to live their highest creative callings, dreams and entrepreneurial destiny.

Marsh is CEO of The Marsh Engle Media, a diversified media, career development, publishing, and merchandising company devoted to engaging audiences with creative lifestyle content, training programs, and published products.


Named WHO'S WHO IN AMERICA WOMEN, her groundbreaking programs, special events, and speaking engagements have been instrumental in launching the entrepreneurial leadership of thousands worldwide. Her client list has included Australian Broadcasting, Children’s Television Workshop, Paramount, and Warner Bros. She’s been a featured broadcast host CBS-Radio, as well as, a multitude of television and radio interviews.

Marsh started her entrepreneurial career, including three successful start-ups, as a single mother of two sons.

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