the ART of

"The fact is, your voice is needed in the world NOW!  

Too many times the real power of our voice and our message

is hidden away or overlooked -- or simply undervalued.

It's time to rise-up in your true power to

engage your audience in your leadership gifts --

and, make the inspired impact you came here to make!"

Positioning. Profits. Powerful Impact.



I'm FIRED-UP.  And, it's no wonder!


On June 14th I joined with five thousand trailblazing women leaders to sit down with President Obama, Vice President Biden,

First Lady Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey,

and so many more!


It was the inaugural launch of the White House UNITED STATE OF WOMEN. And, we joined to ignite a NEW WAVE of leadership where together we rise-up in our authentic power, unapologetic and inspired -- an empowered expression where we know, without a doubt, our voice and our message matters -- an expression of leadership where we know we are here to make a brilliant difference in the world!

It's time to share your

passion message in a massive, impactful way!

It's my mission to support you to share your leadership gifts in a bigger, even more empowered way, without fear, without self-judgment, without limitation. It's time to rise-up together, to reach more people and share our passion messages in a massive, impactful way!


Be one of 25 invited to join Marsh Engle on

Saturday, June 25th!

What fires me up is supporting higher success --

unlocking the power of our unique and individual voices --

rising-up in our power to manifest -- building a deeply aligned career and contributing to the world in a powerful way!

Here is what I know ...


When we hear the call to use our voice to impact and inspire, there is a definite learning curve. We must gain an understanding of how to get our true messages out into the world, how to reach our core audience, how to ensure our voices our heard in a way that will have inspired impact, moving people to action. 


"The Art of Moving Millions" is designed to create forward movement in every one of these areas. And we will ensure that happens by defining your own unique and individual ENGAGEMENT CODE.   


Define Ways to be heard.


  • Build powerful engagement and stand-out in your message

  • Amplify your power voice and attract your authentic audience

  • Tap the well defined communication and ways to be heard.


The ENGAGEMENT CODE is the single most important piece of content you’ll EVER create for your message, brand and business. It takes everything you’ve learned, everything you stand for, and the answers you provide and defines it into a single communication device.


  • Stand out in the packaging of your work and your message in such a way that you ignite a charisma that leaves you unforgettable in the mind of your audience -- and you may the impact you are here to make. ​


  • Organize your thoughts, ideas, and expertise into a message that draws to you a larger and ever-growing audience -- reaching more, serving more.


  • Give structure to your BRAND PRESENCE to ensure your audience is buzzing about what you stand for and the services your provide -- become unforgettable and transformative.





Access NEW Resources.

Want to increase your income?


When you MASTER YOUR ENGAGEMENT CODE, you can expand your income by learning innovative ways to design multiple streams of income -- this means you and your business access more than one way to make money, quickly, effectively, efficiently.  


During THE ART OF MOVING MISSIONS you will learn 10 dynamic ideas to put to use immediately to increase your bottom line.


Saturday, June 25th

1 p.m. to 5 p.m.


Only $198 for First Time Membership

Pre-Registration is Required.


Returning Accelerator Members Pay Only $98

Pre-Registration is Required.


Do Not Delay.  Register Now!



It's our time!

We know that when we stand together,

we stand strong in our creativity and in our power.

Together we acknowledge our intelligence and our infinite value! Together we answer the call to lead!"

Marsh Engle

Marsh Engle is an award winning entrepreneur and


a movement inspiring thousands of women to rise-up together to build successful projects and careers brands

and businesses positioned to benefit millions!

Marsh Engle is CEO of The Marsh Engle Media, a diversified media, career development, publishing and merchandising company devoted to engaging audiences with creative lifestyle content, training programs and published products. She's been awarded a United States Congressional Proclamation for the establishment of AMAZING WOMAN’S DAY, a global movement inspiring entrepreneurship among women; is a multi-published author; and founder of ONE MILLION CALLED, an initiative designed to move women to stand in their unshakable esteem and answer the call of their entrepreneurial destiny to benefit millions.


Marsh started her entrepreneurial career, including three successful start-ups, as a single mom.


Her groundbreaking programs, special events and speaking egagements have been instrumental in launching the success leadership of thousands worldwide. Her client list has included Australian Broadcasting, Children’s Television Workshop, Paramount and Warner Bros. She’s been a featured broadcast host CBS-Radio, as well as, a multitude of television and radio interviews.


The Marsh Engle Radio Show currently broadcasts each week on VoiceAmerica Women where she speaks to a global audience about what it takes to create lives of meaning, careers of passion, business with spirit, and the power of saying 'yes' to higher success!  


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