THANK YOU to the many multi-hundred who took part in AMAZING WOMAN NATION'S very first-ever AMAZING WOMAN LIVE streaming broadcast -- it was an epic day -- we linked arms and activated the energy to THRIVE TOGETHER.

If you missed the AMAZING WOMAN LIVE streaming event, the good news is you can tune in to watch the video (we promise to send you a link to the full program as soon as it releases). It's filled with practical, inspired ways you can use to cultivate clarity, ignite new creativity, and help you and your business thrive — at any time, in any circumstance.

Until the AMAZING WOMAN LIVE video is ready for release, here is a wonderful free gift for you! The MASTER YOUR MISSION STARTER KIT is a collection of resources to cultivate mindfulness, restore calm, and help you and your business thrive! It’s our gift to you!

I hope you enjoy this special bonus.  Once again, thank you for joining us for our first ever AMAZING WOMAN LIVE streaming event! 


Our world has changed overnight, stay connected to your body and give yourself some calm and ease and daily workouts. Sign up for short workouts, meditations, and inspiration right to your phone.


Free Voice Exploration Webinar 

Saturday morning April 4th at 9 am ET

OR Sunday evening April 5th at 930 pm ET 


* Have One on One Time with the Author: get your questions answered

*Go deeper to understand about True Voice vs Ego or “Other Self”

* Experience The Flip Exercise 


Join Our Free Voice Exploration Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 422 165 3580


Free e-book 10 Smart Financial Steps For Savvy Women.  Featuring solid, proactive financial steps, this e-book will inspire you to take the next step to continue your journey toward financial freedom.


Metamorphosis: A Hypno-Sound Healing Journey for Personal Transformation
Audio Recording With Heather Salmon

When was the last time you deeply and truly surrendered into bliss? With this Hypno-Sound Healing led by a powerful and talented mystic, you’ll settle into an interior cocoon of healing and transformation, empowering you to rise up again with more power and tenderness than ever before.



Supercharge Your Impact


In just 45 minutes we will define new ways to SUPERCHARGE YOUR IMPACT in this Free Masterclass designed to advance your clarity and your confidence to become a true “visionary,” sharing the fullness of your untapped gifts to evolve your life and transform the world around you.


Get support to move your life and your work forward in bigger, bolder ways. If you are looking to create a vibrant life or you are looking to define your purpose and elevate your success, THE CAMPUS APP gives you a collection of educational content, success-building ideas, energy practices, manifesting meditations

including coaching, mentorship, and video of LIVE events, workshops, and podcasts. 

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