Let's be the women who put our love into action.

Let's be the ones who build the world we want to live in. Let's be the ones who know without a doubt it can be done.

This is the perfect time for more women to get more fired-up about their own passions — acting upon their greatest creativity, living a life

that's focused, resourceful, expressive, and confident — powerful and unapologetic.


I believe there's no better way to ignite our passions and bring about new levels of ease and inspiration than by connecting and sharing ideas, resources, and friendship!   

The fact is, the way women connect with each other is unique and inspiring. When isolated and alone, we have a tendency to be overly critical of ourselves and often undervalue our abilities and achievements. In an atmosphere of creativity, women thrive in support and bring out the best in each other in a way we seldom do for ourselves.


And here is what's even more: As we continue to define success on our own terms, ALL women benefit from a connection with others who are thriving. And that is exactly what we do at CONVERSATIONS WITH AMAZING WOMEN. We Connect. We Create. And we celebrate our true potentials! 


I hope you'll join us at our next POP-UP event! Visit this page often for the announcement of dates and locations coming soon!   


I'd so love to see you there!

For more about Marsh Engle, visit www.MarshEngle.com

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Connect. network. create.

Whether you are a woman who is re-defining her destiny

-- you're a seasoned entrepreneur --

or, you are looking to be in EXCELLENT company with women who, much like you, wish to evolve their lives, their careers, and their business --


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Buy the Newest in the Amazing Woman series of books and

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About the Book

We must get ourselves talking from the fierceness of our genuine power.
We must unleash the feminine esteem held within the most pivotal moments of our lives. We must commit to discovering the truth of who we are and
do whatever it takes to live it, sincerely and unapologetically.
Marsh Engle
Throughout the pages of Dear Amazing Daughter, you will engage in the dynamic shifts that take place only when a woman enters into a deepening dialogue about the most pivotal moments of her life. You’ll find ways to create a mindful conversation with yourself and with others. Most of all, together we will slowly remove beliefs that tend to keep us spiraling in the old ways of telling our stories.
We will begin to see ourselves more clearly. Our past conditioning will no longer be masked where it can so easily manifest as sabotage, self-denial – even depression and isolation.
DEAR AMAZING DAUGHTER brings together a dynamic group of women entrepreneurs, mentors, artists and changemakers in a collective intention to address many of the challenges impacting our lives today. Each contribution is designed to bring the reader a fresh perspective and new possibilities through the sharing of intimate transformational stories and mindful conversations.
In DEAR AMAZING DAUGHTER, we awaken a NEW conversation about becoming the amazing women we are truly meant to be. Best of all, we create the vision of a more empowered future for the next generations of amazing women, our dear amazing daughter.



Book will Ship to You in Late October.

Profits from your book purchase supports the educational advancement of women and girls.

Not interested in the book but you would like to attend? 

You can pre-register for the event only for $25

$30 at the Door

What Women Have To Say About

Conversations With Amazing Women

"When Marsh Engle approached and invited me to my first conversation, my first initial thought was, “ Holy cow! That’s far”. I looked at Marsh and I saw a gleam in her eyes. She said, “Try to make it. These are your people”. I went. Now, I can’t miss it for the world. A monthly drive from Riverside to Pasadena is worth it, when I know there is always a nugget to take away from the night."   Susan Chicano Kastner, Riverside


"The connection that takes place at each CONVERSATIONS WITH AMAZING WOMAN session is like nothing I've ever experienced!  Creative ideas, new perspective, and inspiration all rolled up into one fabulous evening. I love it!" Dawneen, South Pasadena


"I'm amazed at how Respectful & Appreciative women can be towards one another, the days of envy are over for me, in this group of Strong Spirited Women, I find Solace, I can Rest & I can be Human, I feel Supported & Loved & I Can Rise at any given moment, We are here Giving & Receiving the help we need to Succeed."  Emma, Montrose, CA


"I'm so high from last night! It was such a great night on all fronts. The people, the energy, everyone involved. Such beautiful energy in every way! Thank you! Xoxo"

Mindy, Pasadena, CA


"Thank each of you for hearing my heart call for you. Thank you for being present and reflecting & resonating that which I desire to be."  Victoria, Los Angeles, CA


"It was truly a fabulous evening! I'm looking forward to doing it again. Thank you for your priceless time, experiences & guidance!"  

Tracey, Monrovia, CA


"So glad I was able to attend tonight. Thank you for holding the space that you so generously do for women, Marsh. What a great night!"

Wendy, Los Angeles, CA


"Fantastic night. Thank you, for bringing us together and raising our consciousness."

Jennifer, Pasadena


"So wonderful to be part of this powerful sisterhood tribe. I'm grateful for spirit leading me here. Rising stronger together!"  

Cynthia, Pasadena


"Such an amazing event! See you next month!"  Issabella, Montrose


"It was such an amazingly magical night... I'm so happy to now be a part of this wonderful group! I'm looking forward to next month!"  

Laryssa, Montrose


"Just being in a room filled with such amazing women is empowering. Provides strength, love, and courage to be more of me! While I love the interviews and interaction, it's really good enough just to sit in the energies!"  Dr. Teresa, Monrovia


"A magical evening!"  Linda, Pasadena

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