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Calling all transformational entrepreneurs, change-makers, healers, and coaches!
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When THE ROUND TABLE first launched it was designed to as a creative space where women — in all areas of transformational entrepreneurship — would easily find a deep, enriching connection and be supported in ways that honor their sacred gifts AND accelerate their capacity to make a radiant mark on the world. 


Now, after months of leading the program, THE ROUND TABLE has become a phenomenal collective of women who are flourishing in unprecedented soul-infused creativity, rich spiritual freedom, true fulfillment, and a destiny dedicated to helping others.

I invite you to be part of all that's being created through THE ROUND TABLE online gatherings ... a bi-weekly program that merges mentorship, masterclass and mastermind ... drawing upon new creative strength from each other and within ourselves.

Most of all, every session of THE ROUND TABLE reminds me how an indescribable radiant power is ignited when women join together to support each other.  And that, Amazing Woman, is what true connection is all about!

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Join the millions of women who are
making the shift from an
exhausting driving ambition to
stunning success!

THE ROUND TABLE blends the best of mentorship, masterclass, and mastermind. Every session closes by aligning with one Sacred Agreement — anchoring a significant shift to ensure you put new empowered

clarity into action before your next session.

  • Connect to the deeper spiritual purpose of your mission, your brand and your calling to serve many.

  • Learn creative confidence boosting practices to strengthen your focus while ensuring an unwavering alignment with your soul mission.​

  • Scale impact by setting ​​​free an unhesitating trust to ensure your actions are unprecedented and impactful.

  • Activate the power of your brand presence and personal energy to expand your visibility and accelerate your potentials.

  • Learn original proven practices to turn fear into fuel, confusion into clarity, untapped passions into power, and transform a spinning mind into the focused mindset required to manifest stunning success.

  • Gain access to pioneering insights on installing daily routines that will lead you to experience the energy, creativity, and spiritual connection to fortify the realization of your most radiant future. 

  • Proven practices elevate your highest creative states with far more simplicity, inspiration, beauty, and ease.

Why Joining Us Will Give You
the Support and Connection
You've Been Asking For! 
Twice a month you receive support by joining a LIVE Virtual Session.

Receive VISIONARY MENTORSHIP devoted to trainings and resources to help you scale your impact and create extraordinary growth in your business. 

Engage in transformative dialogue with AMAZING WOMEN who bring out the best in you. Each session brings together transformational entrepreneurs, healers, coaches, spiritual teachers, community leaders, more. THE ROUND TABLE provides a space where we join in solidarity with those who are called to elevate their vision and visibility ... those who may feel isolated in their aspirations ... and those who seek guidance to flourish in their unique spiritual purpose. 

BONUS 1:  Access to our private THE ROUND TABLE Facebook Group where you'll participate and connect with other members ... plus gain access to practical skills to grow your focus, elevate your inspiration, and make your radiant mark on the world.

BONUS 2:  As a ROUND TABLE member, you gain access to personalized private sessions with Marsh at a special savings.  Marsh Engle's private one-on-one VISIONARY MENTORSHIP SESSIONS are widely recognized by hundreds for their capacity to magnify creative clarity, expand your vision, clear obstacles, elevate energy ... and ignite forward movement in your personal brand, business, and success.  Read what her clients have to say.

Discover a new realm of mastermind experience and
the tools you need to radically accelerate the
power of manifest your radiant mark on the world.
The 1st and 3rd Tuesday
of each Month

4 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. PST
7 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. EST
2 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. HST
This is your first time joining
Confirm Your 90-Minute
Introductory Session Here for
only $22 and experience what it's about!
for only $39 per month.
Take part in bi-weekly LIVE SESSIONS
Visionary Mentorship + Coaching

Plus all of the perks, including:
* Special Savings on private visionary consulting sessions with Marsh
*Private Members Only Facebook Group
*Session Recordings upon request.

*This is a subscription and will auto-renew each month until cancellation.

"These sessions are really moving things from inside out ... I’m deepening my connection to my SOUL, expanding my awareness of my Soul Esteem … It brings me in a state of gratitude,  feeling  equipped,  willing, and deeply honored to be in service to the world, and defining a future beyond what I once imagined possible."

Sandra Girouard, Montreal, Quebec Canada

“I’ve met a few great masters of inner growth, and I’ve met several truly great business people, but I’ve never met anyone who has mastered the connection between the two worlds the way Marsh Engle has. Her depth of intuition is scary, her openness inspiring, and her laughter infectious."

Anne Woods, Los Angeles, California

"Marsh has a profound gift of lasering into the heart and soul of your true being. She’s a gifted seer, visionary, trailblazing feminine leader in her true power."

Donata De Luca, Montreal, Quebec Canada

“Trying to figure things out is not using my power to manifest! It’s never worked! Time to lay down the sword, go with the flow, pack up this house and prepare to move. I now remember how to live with grace and ease. Thanks, Marsh and round table friends. It was great to zoom together today!” Pamela Nebeker, Los Angeles, California

It's Time for a Radiant Revolution!

Marsh Engle events, retreats, books, and broadcasts have supported

multi-thousands of women, helping many of them to create

purpose-driven success by turning their passion

into meaningful careers, ventures, and achievements.

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about marsh engle
Marsh Engle is a bestselling author, founder of Amazing Woman Nation Media Group, and a renowned visionary consultant. She's helped thousands of women connect with their sacred purpose, clearing obstacles that have been keeping them from realizing their highest vision. 
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