It's a Radiant Revolution!

Amazing Women are Discovering and Harnessing the

Infinite Power to Manifest Their Evolving Purpose.

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Amazing Woman, there has never been a more important time to put our genius into action and bring our callings to life!


When I think of linking arms with you to establish Legacy Leadership Day 2021 I think of a collective of women who are dedicated to making a difference in their lives, their communities, and the world. I think of joining together to share ideas, put our genius into action, elevate the power of our voices, and create a radiant new future.

Join us for a powerful legacy-making celebration as we liberate our power to emerge more focused, more motivated, more confident,

more creative, more purpose-driven, and more spirit-powered!   

You ... alongside women everywhere ... have a

Spirit-powered, difference-making legacy to live.  


  • IT'S A GATHERING OF AMAZING WOMEN.  Join in the EVOLVE. ELEVATE. EMERGE PREMIERE PARTY packed with ways to ignite the power of our heart, soul, and voice, vision to serve in bigger, bolder ways. 

  • IT'S A NEW BOOK. Buy the newest in the AMAZING WOMAN LEGACY Book Series, AMAZING WOMAN It's Your Time to EMERGE featuring inspired women leaders, entrepreneurs, career professionals, and more!

  • IT'S A MASTERMIND WEB-SERIES.  Access coaching guidance through our new web series, THE 3 MINUTE MASTERMIND where AMAZING WOMEN who are experts in their field bring you only their very best success practices and key insights in just 3 insight-fueled minutes.

  • IT'S A 7-DAY EMERGE IMMERSION.  It's a MASTERCLASS educational experience hosted by Marsh Engle alongside legacy-making women!  This is where we'll gather to take the conversation deeper and our success higher. We'll reveal the action steps women are taking to EMERGE into a NEW soul-inspired destiny. Every episode blends true life learning with practical strategies for manifesting a passion-infused, purpose-driven future, beginning now.  

It all begins on March 30th
4-5:30 p.m. PST / 6-7:30 P.M. EST
Opening Celebration
Legacy Leadership Day 2021

It all begins on March 30th when I'm inviting you along with a collective of AMAZING WOMEN to ignite the inspired new destiny of that's calling to us ... amplifying the power of our radiant genius to excel in a purpose-driven, passion-infused future!

At the heart and soul of the amazing woman is a radiant presence …

a willingness to be seen for the wholeness of her unique genius,

a readiness to serve in her authentic voice,

and a relentless commitment to fulfill her destiny.

That's why I believe there has never been a more significant time than right now to bring us together to learn legacy-making ways so we can EMERGE in an experience of success beyond our imagination! 

  • Learn methods to immediately dissolve the 4 fears that keep too many shrunken, stuck, or invisible -- these are methods to step into a fierce new manifesting mindset.

  • Discover the essential powers that will support you as you EMERGE into your future as a legacy-making amazing woman putting the fullness of your feminine genius into action ... achieving a greater sense of connection and contribution.

  • Link arms with a dynamic community of amazing women as we claim our radiant sovereignty to create a passion-infused, purpose-driven future.





Releases on March 30, 2021


Join the celebration alongside

Amazing Women entrepreneurs,

career professionals, transformational teachers, creatives, thought leaders, healers, community leaders, artists, authors,

and so many more!


Every MASTERCLASS blends the power

of life learning with the strategies for manifesting

legacy-making, soulful success, right here and now.

When it comes to creating legendary, legacy-making success,

nothing creates soul-inspiring forwarding movement faster than

linking arms with amazing women who know their power to create! 

Join In. Take Part.



And that's why beginning April 6th you are invited to join in the 7 DAY EMERGE IMMERSION where we'll take the conversation deeper as the EMERGE AMAZING WOMAN EMERGE authors reveal the real stories behind their most pivotal breakthroughs .... and practical actions you can take to re-invent, re-define and rally forward in a radiant new destiny.

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Each spirit-infused, purpose-focused MASTERCLASS will move you, inspire you and motivate you to immediately and easily take meaningful, forwarding steps to …

  • Consciously use what you’ve learned to uplevel every aspect of your life and work and create a way to define a NEW story with greater resiliency and confidence.

  • Discovering ways to set yourself free from old, outdated structures of belief to step into your true legacy-making power.

  • Transform trauma into triumph to unlock a soulful connection with your life, your purpose, and your success.

  • Deepen the connection with the intelligence of your body to access greater enthusiasm, happiness, joy, and fulfillment.

  • Awaken to the true power of miracle mindedness to enrich your life and the lives of those around you.

  • Unlock the true power of loss to regain a sense of connection and an empowered new vision of your future.

  • Close the painful gap between whom you know yourself to be and the voice you express in the world.

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Web Series Premieres
March 31st 
Amazing Women bring you only their very best
success practices and actions in just 
3 Legacy-Making Minutes

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Ignite the purpose-infused focus so you are free to
answer the call of a NEW destiny of success!

The fact is there has never been a time like this one ...

a significant time for awakening the true power of our sacred work ... 

a time we are being called to serve in bigger, bolder ways. 


Please don't miss this grand opportunity to link arms with a dynamic collective of AMAZING WOMEN for this groundbreaking new program designed to support the emerging new dimension of your sacred work and authentic purpose.

Together we will EVOLVE, ELEVATE and EMERGE as legacy-making leaders who are destined to define a radiant new future of success!




As the founder of the Amazing Woman Nation, Marsh Engle is dedicated to elevating the purpose and creativity of women by curating a multi-media collection of educational programs, engaging events, published books, digital courses, and social impact campaigns positioned to move millions.

Awarded a United States Congressional Proclamation

for establishing the AMAZING WOMAN Movement,

Marsh Engle's dedication to shifting the culture of women's success

has impacted the lives of many hundreds of thousands and

served to launch the entrepreneurial career success

of over 25,000 coaches, transformational leaders, and community founders.

Since 2001 Marsh Engle's pioneering work in the field of women's success has served to bridge both the internal and external capacities of creativity and contribution, weaving spiritual intelligence into business and career development.  Her books, coaching programs, and live events have been recognized for their unparalleled capacity to move women to design influential brands, launch successful purpose-driven ventures, and lead purpose-inspired lives.  

As the creator of the AMAZING WOMAN LEGACY BOOK SERIES, including the BESTSELLING, Lead Amazing Woman Lead, Marsh brings together a collective of purpose-driven women leaders in a series of published books designed to elevate the lives and the success of women. 

She has shared the stage with bestselling authors including don Miguel Ruiz and Marianne Williamson; International Fashion Designer, Michelle Bohbot; Acclaimed Journalists Maria Shriver, and Rolonda Watts; and, stars from television and film.

To Learn More About Marsh Engle and Her Work CLICK HERE

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