AMAZING WOMAN, you are invited to take part ... keep reading to find out more ...


March 5th marks the release of LEAD AMAZING WOMAN LEAD, the newest book in the series of Amazing Woman Legacy of books written by a dynamic collective of influential entrepreneurs, mentors, and changemakers. 

It is our intention to place the LEAD AMAZING WOMAN LEAD book into the hands of as many women as possible.  The message of this book is timely.  It's important. It's transformative. It's educational. And, it is necessary.

And, the only way I know to achieve this goal is to bring together a TEAM of AMAZING WOMEN ... Invite women like you to join in, take part, and claim their place in a campaign designed to move, inspire and celebrate the power of women to create change.


On March 4th, 5th, and 6th women will 'shout out' an 

"I AM CALLED TO LEAD" message in social media.

TOGETHER we will commit to moving our work into the world in a bigger, bolder way.

Through social media posts, we will encourage the purchase of the LEAD AMAZING WOMAN LEAD eBook (99 cents) on AMAZON on March 4th, 5th and 6th.

During the campaign dates, (March 4, 5, 6th) LEAD AMAZING WOMAN LEAD is priced at 99 cents making it accessible to nearly everyone.


benefits for taking part ...

You will be provided IMAGES and COPY to POST so you can link arms with the AMAZING WOMEN who are joining in the I AM CALLED TO LEAD campaign.


You will be part of a PRIVATE FB GROUP where you’ll connect with amazing women changemakers AND easily access a collection of images and suggested messages about the book to post to social media during the campaign dates (or, you can write your own). 

You will be among the first to gain access to the LEAD AMAZING WOMAN LEAD book for only .99 cents. 

You will be invited to write a review of the book posted on AMAZON to support the book in becoming a bestseller.

You will connect with a community of amazing women changemakers, entrepreneurs, mentors, coaches, well-being experts, creators, more!



Simply CLICK HERE to go to the SIGN-UP PAGE.


After you sign-up you will be sent info so you can join in the PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP and begin to receive all the info so you can take part in the campaign. 


That’s it! 


I can hardly wait to welcome you to the team!  

and the authors of LEAD AMAZING WOMAN LEAD



Writing the LEAD AMAZING WOMAN LEAD has been a truly transformative experience for every woman involved in the book's creation... sharing personal stories and defining what it takes for a woman to answer her calling, master her mission and be all she came here to be. It's my prayer that every word of every chapter will touch, transform, lift and evolve the life of every woman who reads it!

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