Become part of a collective of women

who are stepping into an entirely new way

to create prosperity and positive impact.

We have some great and significant work to achieve together in 2019! That's why on Saturday, February 9th I'm gathering a very special group of amazing women who are dedicating 2019 as a year to RISE in the highest vision of their passions, purpose, prosperity, and impact!

Let's redefine how we create higher success!
Let's define it as an unbounded expression of the feminine heart.
Let's define it as our full capacity to stand in our excellence.
And tap into the realms of the inspired and the creative.
Let's define it as the power to rise individually AND
collectively in our passions, purpose, prosperity, and impact.

Here's what I know ... We are walking through extraordinary times.


The power of the feminine heart is needed in the world! We must stand strong in the clarity of our voices and our visions. That's why more than ever I'm committed to connecting and providing career and creative support to elevate the success of women.  Inspirational and educational, The Inner Circle is designed especially for the motivated entrepreneur, the innovative creator, the expressive artist, the inspired career professional, or bold change maker.

TOGETHER WE WILL RISE in the prosperity of our future
and the fulfillment of our destiny! 
Join me and 12 Amazing Women for the
To Be Announced.
11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. 
The Voice of Your Vision.
The Prosperity of Your Future. 

Connection Inspires Forward Movement.

There is nothing better than a tribe who knows how to celebrate the success of one another! The INNER CIRCLE MASTERMIND provides an exceptional opportunity to link arms in a small group atmosphere, get one-on-one time with Marsh and mastermind with other creative women.

Be a Fearless Communicator of Your Vision. 

The sheer fact is the voice of your creativity, ideas, solutions, and talents are needed in the world NOW! Take steps to become a FEARLESSLY INSPIRED COMMUNICATOR to create greater impact in 2019.

Activate a Magnetic Presence. 

The most revolutionary thing a woman can do is put her love into action! Activate the energy and the presence and step forward seeing a larger world of possibility. Allow 2019 to be the year you amplify the significance of your purpose and step into the fullness of the difference you know you are here to make.

$125 when you confirm your spot now.

$195 after February 1st

An Exceptionally Delicious Luncheon

is included with your reservation.


About Amazing Woman Nation


We believe in the power of women to be creators of change in their own lives, in their communities and in the world.  Amazing Woman Nation brings together a community devoted to redefining our destiny and evolving our futures.

About Marsh Engle

Marsh Engle is a pioneer and leading authority in the field of women's success by bridging creativity, personal power, and achievement. A multi-published author of the AMAZING WOMAN book series and award-winning entrepreneur, her work and multi-decade research promote practices that lead women to succeed with influence and impact. 

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