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A free masterclass series to discover and harness the infinite power to manifest your evolving purpose.

Hosted by Marsh Engle

We must get ourselves talking from the

fierceness of our authentic power.

We must stand in the sacred truth of the

 amazing women we are meant to be and become.



The 7 Day Emerge Immersion was created by visionary Marsh Engle as a forum to expand our creative consciousness and bring light to topics that will support women to evolve, elevate and emerge in a new purpose-infused future.

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Our Free Masterclass series features relevant, engaging discussions on the power of story, the intelligence of the body, healing grief, miracle mindedness, elevating productivity, evolving confidence, and emerging in a new definition of purpose-driven success, featuring dynamic voices on these illuminating topics.

March 31st through April 6th

Broadcasted on 7 consecutive mornings at 11am PT /  1pm CT / 2pm ET

Hosted by Marsh Engle and featuring


from the acclaimed NEW book

AMAZING WOMAN, It's Your Time to Emerge!

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Marsh Engle

Founder, Amazing Woman Movement

Since 2001 women throughout the United States, Europe, and Canada have sought out Marsh Engle to help them make spectacular leaps in their career and business while inspiring transformation in their personal lives. Why? Because of her remarkable intuitive capacity for identifying untapped purpose, undervalued strengths, and forgotten passions. Her pioneering work in the field of women's success and leadership bridges both the internal and external aspects of feminine power and contribution.


As founder of the AMAZING WOMAN movement, she connects the dots between community and successful programs and published products that amplify women’s voices, start new conversations, and forge creative bonds between change-making entrepreneurs.  


A bestselling multi-published and award-winning entrepreneur, her signature podcasts, DESTINY WRITING workshops, AMAZING WOMAN MAUI retreats and events have

impacted the success of over 100,000 speakers, authors, coaches,

entrepreneurs, healers, and career professionals.

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