Based upon Marsh Engle's acclaimed work that's moved thousands to liberate the power of their soul's calling ...

THE SACRED AGREEMENTS bridges the internal and the external to liberate higher success.

Do you wish you knew the secret to manifesting?


Utilizing the proven methods and processes from her latest book, The Desire Factor, Christy Whitman is going to simplify and demystify the Law of Attraction and give you the roadmap for manifesting any desire.

During this transformative weekend, you will learn how the seven key principles to manifesting your desires are like the decoder ring for the Law of Attraction. work with the principles, become the master of your life, and reclaim your full spiritual power.

Expect to gain a greater sense of clarity and purpose, possibly heal a physical or emotional issue, experience new awakening or awareness, and release limiting conditions. You will learn to allow well-being, abundance, success, loving and supportive relationships, and more to flow into your life.


Don’t miss this opportunity to be in close proximity to The Council and receive personal guidance from this highly sought after transformational leader, coach, author and speaker. You’ll take home the tools to master your energy and the ability to manifest your deepest yearnings.

Recommended It is encouraged—but not required—that participants have a copy of The Desire Factor.



Access the deeper knowing of who you are, and learn to unblock the flow of Divine help for living your purpose.


Embrace all of you—the successes and the failures—and fearlessly express your greatness.


Discover how to manifest using the seven key principles in Christy's latest book, The Desire Factor–written and channeled with the Quantum Council of Light.


Understand the importance of embracing your materialistic nature to reclaim your full spiritual power.


Learn what loving yourself really means and experience palpable transformation by putting self-love into practice.


Gain the tools to master your energy and be a steadfast magnet for your desires.


Marsh Engle is a masterful teacher and insightful guide. Through her phenomenal work and compelling words, she is affecting and strengthening women's lives across the planet.


The Sacred Agreements has been published at the ideal time, when so many of us are ready to expand our inner greatness and creativity and live more passionate and meaningful lives.


Through the sharing of thought-provoking questions and meditations, along with dynamic tools and purposeful action steps, this bold, power-packed book guides us toward inner harmony and happiness. In The Sacred Agreements, you'll find an abundance of resources for creating your spiritual and unique path, and you'll quickly realize that you already possess everything needed to build the joyful life you are meant to live.

Marsh's vision and passionate willingness to serve are apparent throughout The Sacred Agreements. She is an incredibly innovative and gifted writer, and the beauty and wisdom of her words flow deep from within.

Lisa Ann Martin

The Sacred Agreements got my attention instantly, to be able to open any given page, on any given day to receive exactly what my heart and soul needs to hear is a blessing in and of itself.  It's my Daily Practice over coffee. Reading and meditating on each Agreement and implementing it throughout the day. Words without deeds are only words. When I make a Sacred Agreement it goes beyond words, it goes deep into my soul, as my commitment to my Higher Self. I find peace and joy within the pages of this powerful book.

Marsh Engle is a Genuine Mentor, Teacher, Inspirational Speaker, Guide and Coach.

I highly recommend this book and its message. Buy extra copies and give them away to your daughters, mother's and friends. It's easy to carry, beautiful to read and abundant in LOVE.

Rev. Emma Molina-Ynequez

An incredibly powerful book filled with timeless wisdom for women to empower themselves, live authentically, and tap into their creative passion. The Sacred Agreements is an incredibly inspiring book that will encourage and support you on your journey. I love the Daily Agreement as it sets the tone for the day or for the week and is a beautiful reminder to women of their unbelievable worth. I highly recommend Marsh Engle's The Sacred Agreements. 

Tami Roos