Dear Amazing Woman ...

There is so much creativity, insight and success to celebrate in the world of amazing women! That's why I've selected March 7th -- the eve of International Women's Day -- to mark the official release of RISE AMAZING WOMAN RISE, the newest book in the collection of Amazing Woman Legacy Series of Books!

Like all of the CONVERSATIONS WITH AMAZING WOMEN evenings, this one will be a vibrant celebration and connection -- and that ALWAYS means NEW ideas are flowing, NEW clarity rises and NEW enthusiasm springs forth -- fueling even more PASSION for our PURPOSE!


But this one is ESPECIALLY meaningful to me and to a deeply inspired group of women leaders who have poured their hearts and souls into writing a dynamic book that provides the essentials to anchor higher success in the lives of women.


YOU ARE INVITED to meet, hear from, and join in the conversation with several of the co-authors of RISE. AMAZING WOMAN. RISE. The Eight Essential Powers of the Feminine Heart.  Plus, you'll GET AN AUTOGRAPHED BOOK as our gift to you for attending!

The feminine heart is the source of your brilliance.

It's a flame of creativity and inner-power.

"To lead from the feminine heart means to stand strong for

creating from the core of your true worth,

it means to feel a sense of connection while you get things done.

It means to accomplish what is meaningful and

create the transformation you know you can make."

The feminine heart is the source of true power, intelligence, insight, and understanding. Tap into this power and you access the ability to transform your views of money and success, happiness and fulfillment – you unlock hidden talents, uncover new meaning and amplify the significance of your purpose. In essence, accessing the power of the feminine heart moves you beyond old, outdated concepts about your capacities to create and to lead, becoming less about rules and expectations; and more about expressing your authentic voice,

at home and at work.

Let's get ourselves creating from a place where

we're most enlivened, aligned, and empowered.

Throughout the evening you will link arms with influential mentors, entrepreneurs, and change-makers who guide you step-by-step into the essential powers of the feminine heart, giving way to a more empowered destiny – liberating the core of your unbridled potential to RISE as the amazing woman you've always known yourself to be.

I look forward to seeing and meeting you on March 7th!  

                                                         Together Rising!

About Marsh Engle

Marsh Engle is a pioneer and leading authority in the field of women's success by bridging creativity, personal power, and achievement. A multi-published author of the AMAZING WOMAN book series and award-winning entrepreneur, her work and multi-decade research promote practices that lead women to succeed with influence and impact. 

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We dedicate 100% of the profits from the sale of every copy of the


sold on AMAZON to empower girls

and women with resources and the programming they need to rise 

above generational poverty and

abuse to become creators of change in their own lives and in their communities.

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