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At the heart of an Iconic Amazing Woman is the power to 

influence through her unique brand of knowledge

and radiant capacity to impact lives.

"Define your ICONIC BRAND.

Be an INFLUENCER in your field.
SCALE your business.

Own the WEALTH of your work."

A seat at the table is reserved especially for you

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There is no denying the power of AMAZING WOMEN gathering together ... it's the kind of connection that elevates our missions and ignites the power to stand strong in our vision.


THE ICONIC ROUND TABLE does exactly that.  And it does it in a curated small group environment steeped in creativity, guiding insights, and support. 

  • CONNECTION with spiritual entrepreneurs

  • SUPPORT through mentorship and coaching

  • MISSION MESSAGING to elevate influence

  • IMPACT to make our radiant mark on the world

  • WEALTH OF OUR WORK resources, potentials

"Ignite the radiant power to captivate, connect, and communicate."

After months of leading THE ICONIC ROUND TABLE online, I'm bringing a phenomenal collective of amazing women together ... LIVE + IN PERSON ... for an ICONIC ACCELERATOR designed to motivate spectacular leaps the wealth of our work and the radiance of our future. 

Amazing Woman, we gather over lunch

to connect, mastermind, and elevate the

wealth of our work as iconic amazing women.

There is a reason we are drawn to women
who cause us to rise in our iconic potentials.
It's because these amazing women inspire
and reflect the wealth of our own potentials.


Join Marsh Engle and a collective of AMAZING WOMEN entrepreneurs to:


  • Elevate brand identity + strengthen impact

  • Amplify paths to be seen and heard

  • Deepen the 'why' of the ambitions that move us

  • Magnify the real distinctions of our sacred work

  • Protect yourselves from burnout + unmask wealth drains

  • Move beyond our daily routine to amplify momentum

  • Cultivate friendships, collaborative partners, and colleagues










The ICONIC Round Table Session is Limited to only 7 women.

Each session gathers spiritual entrepreneurs, coaches, community leaders, and women in the transformational arts, more.


When:    Friday, July 21st

Time:     12 Noon - 2:30 p.m.




Where:  Pasadena, California

Location TBA




I cannot express enough how Marsh and "The Roundtable" sessions have impacted my life. Through her guidance and support, I have found a safe space to discuss the things that matter to me as a woman and entrepreneur ... providing me with the opportunity to connect with like-minded women, share experiences, and learn from others. But it's not just the community that has made a difference. Marsh's coaching sessions have been transformative. In just one session, I was able to completely shift my business model from solopreneur to one that is more expansive and impactful. Her insights and experience helped me to build my own confidence and vision, enabling me to shine even brighter in my business. What truly sets Marsh apart is her ability to see and support me when I thought no one else could. She has helped me to see my own potential and provided me with the tools to achieve my goals. I am eternally grateful for her wisdom, guidance, and support in both my life and business. I highly recommend her to any woman seeking to transform their life and live their dreams.

Dorothy Inez, Minneapolis, Minnesota

“Trying to figure things out is not using my power to manifest! It’s never worked! Time to lay down the sword, go with the flow, pack up this house and prepare to move. I now remember how to live with grace and ease. Thanks, Marsh and round table friends. It was great to zoom together today!” Pamela Nebeker, Los Angeles, California

"These sessions are really moving things from inside out ... I’m deepening my connection to my SOUL, expanding my awareness of my Soul Esteem … It brings me in a state of gratitude,  feeling  equipped,  willing, and deeply honored to be in service to the world, and defining a future beyond what I once imagined possible."

Sandra Girouard, Montreal, Quebec Canada

“I’ve met a few great masters of inner growth, and I’ve met several truly great business people, but I’ve never met anyone who has mastered the connection between the two worlds the way Marsh Engle has. Her depth of intuition is scary, her openness inspiring, and her laughter infectious."

Anne Woods, Los Angeles, California


Marsh Engle events, retreats, books, and broadcasts have supported

multi-thousands of women, helping many to turn their passion

into meaningful brands, businesses, programs, and achievements.

MARSH Headshot image0.jpeg

Marsh Engle is a personal brand and success coach, lifestyle entrepreneur, originator of the Bestselling AMAZING WOMAN Book series and found of THE AMAZING WOMAN NATION.   Marsh is widely recognized by her clients for her unparalleled balance of left and right brain thinking and creating. She has an expansive background in spiritual training empowering her with the skills to bring a visionary intuitive approach to THE ROUND TABLE.

She's helped thousands of women connect with their sacred purpose and has supported the launch of hundreds of entrepreneurial start-ups … clearing obstacles that have been keeping them from being, creating, experiencing and making a radiant mark on the world.


Marsh is on a mission to support women in creating and experiencing all they desire through the art of rewiring their mindset and rewrite their future.

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