Shifting the Narrative of Our Future

When women gather together, we initiate change.

When we engage in meaningful conversations, we lift each other.

When we discover new perspectives, we broaden our view, 

and define fresh directions ... WE IGNITE A NEW DESTINY


Then, we emerge in a new vision ... we emerge boldly and powerfully into the world ... we put our love into action.

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Amazing Woman ... it's time.


We are being called to use our voices to create change.


You are invited to join me for CONVERSATIONS WITH AMAZING WOMEN ... a virtual space for gathering ... a space for speaking, for learning, and for creating a NEW future.


CONVERSATIONS WITH AMAZING WOMEN is where we join to ask the BIG questions at the heart and soul of our power to create the career, the business, the purpose-driven future we wish to live.


Amazing Woman, here's what I know ...


When women gather together, we ignite change. We engage in meaningful conversations. We lift each other. We initiate the power to strive forward. We discover new perspectives, broaden our view, and define new directions.


Then, we emerge in a new vision ... we step boldly and powerfully into the world, putting our love into action.

Let's do this!  

  • Join creative conversations designed to educate, lift, and inspire change.

  • ​Experience higher states of understanding, motivation, and creativity.

  • ​Connect through meaningful dialogue and a sharing of resources.

  • ​Dissolve fear through reflective questions and gentle inquiry​.

  • ​Experience a blend of guidance and interaction and engagement.

  • ​Energize an empowered and inspired image of a new future.

  • Be guided into greater inner strength through meditations and visualization.


"I have never felt the joy, connection, enlightenment, sisterhood, safety, inspiration, and therapy all in one place at one time in my entire life. I have been a part of many gatherings, but all pale in comparison. It truly was amazing and I thank you for all of it!"


"The connection that takes place at each CONVERSATIONS WITH AMAZING WOMAN session is like nothing I've ever experienced!  Creative ideas, new perspectives, and inspiration all rolled up into one fabulous evening. I love it!" 


"I'm amazed at how respectful and appreciative women can be towards one another. In this group of strong, spirited women, I find solace, I can rest and I can be human. I feel supported, heard, and loved. We are here giving and receiving the help we need to succeed."  


"Thank each of you for hearing my heart call for you. Thank you for being present and reflecting & resonating that which I desire to be."  


"So glad I was able to attend tonight. Thank you for holding the space that you so generously do for women, Marsh. 


Thank you, for bringing us together and raising our consciousness."


"So wonderful to be part of this powerful sisterhood tribe. I'm grateful for the spirit leading me here. Rising stronger together!"  


"Just being in a room filled with such amazing women is empowering. It provides strength, love, and courage to be more of me! While I love the interviews and interaction, it's really good enough just to sit in the energies!"  


About Marsh Engle

MARSH ENGLE'S pioneering work in the field of women's success, creativity, and leadership bridges both the internal and external aspects of female power and contribution.  As the founder of the AMAZING WOMAN NATION and creator of the AMAZING WOMAN LEGACY book series, Marsh brings together a collective of pioneering entrepreneurs and changemakers to elevate the narrative of women's lives, careers, business, and leadership.

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