network. learn. collaborate. succeed.

Join Marsh Engle and a collective of Amazing Women

as we gather to liberate our legacy-making power and

emerge more focused, more motivated, and more confident! 

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We emerge in our power to manifest

purpose-driven, passion-infused success! 


Tuesday, February 11, 2021


LIVE on ZOOM from

4-5:30 p.m. PST / 7-8:30 p.m. EST




 Come prepared to learn how amazing women

are putting their genius into action to 

define a NEW legacy of success!

Imagine a dynamic evening of CONVERSATIONS WITH AMAZING WOMEN where you'll be surrounded by a collective of women who are wildly supportive, see your highest potentials, and cheer your capacities to create your destiny!

Get ready to ignite passion-infused focus so you are

free to answer the call of a NEW legacy-making destiny!



TOGETHER we'll define:

  • The one essential shift you can make to move from 'relentless performance' and into a flow of purpose-infused action.


  • The one essential power you can ignite to elevate into the new destiny that's calling you forward.


  • The one essential action you can take to emerge in the genius of your purpose-focused, passion-infused, legacy-making future!


Spirit-Powered. Purpose-Driven. Passion-Infused.

Vibrant. Creative. Insightful. Radiant. Successful!



To RSVP, just sign up right here.


This virtual event will feature the voices of some phenomenal legacy-makers, inspiring change-making entrepreneurs, career professionals, and authors. 

Plus, the evening wouldn't be complete without joining in a guided meditation where we will link arms, set our individual and our collective intention, and define our destiny! 


Join us by RSVPing right here!

What Women Have to Say ...

I feel so inspired, motivated, and ready to emerge and be the legacy maker that I am destined to be ... Biaca T.

How lovely it was to see so many friends ... the evening was insightful and full of new knowledge ... Conni P.

It felt very nourishing, supportive, and inspiring to be amongst all the amazing women ... Rocio L.

The connection that takes place at CONVERSATIONS WITH AMAZING WOMAN is like nothing I've ever experienced!  Creative ideas, new perspectives, and inspiration all rolled up into one fabulous gathering. I love it!" Dawneen L.


I'm so high from last night! It was such a great night on all fronts. The people, the energy, everyone involved. Such beautiful energy in every way! Thank you!



Thank you for hearing my heart call for you. Thank you for being present and reflecting & resonating that which I desire to be. Victoria


It was truly a fabulous evening! Thank you for your priceless time, experiences & guidance! Tracey


Thank you for holding the space that you so generously do for women, Marsh. What a great night! Wendy


Fantastic! Thank you, for bringing us together and raising our consciousness.



So wonderful to be part of this powerful sisterhood tribe. I'm grateful for the spirit leading me here. Rising stronger together! Cynthia


Such an amazing event! See you next month! Issabella


It was such an amazingly magical night... I'm so happy to now be a part of this wonderful group! I'm looking forward to next month! Laryssa