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The Eight Essential Powers for Mastering Your Mission
Release Date: March 2020

Everyone has a distinctive power to lead. As you activate the essential powers of mastering your mission, you will embody a new, crystal clear vision of what’s possible for your future. You will recognize your worth. You will feel confident, passionate,

at ease, and enthusiastic … you will know you are ready to answer your call to lead.


Intuitively, you sense there’s a new source of inspiration that's calling you to activate your most purpose-driven, creative, prosperous, joyful, connected, and vibrant life.

Every page of LEAD AMAZING WOMAN LEAD is filled with practical guidance and ideas to ignite new perspectives, elevate your potentials and motivate manifesting actions. Written by influential entrepreneurs, mentors, and change-makers, each chapter explores one of THE EIGHT ESSENTIAL POWERS OF MASTERING YOUR MISSION. Each power builds upon the next guiding you to set free the untapped capacity to thrive as an amazing woman who is called to lead.

LEAD AMAZING WOMAN LEAD is more than a book.  It's a call for you to link arms with women everywhere who are standing strong in the infinite value of their mission, giving way to an empowered new destiny.  

The Eight Essential Powers of the Feminine Heart
Release Date: March 2019



The feminine heart is the source of true power, intelligence, insight, and understanding. Tap into this power and you access the ability to transform your views of money and success, happiness and fulfillment – you unlock hidden talents, uncover new meaning and amplify the significance of your purpose. In essence, accessing the power of the feminine heart moves you beyond old, outdated concepts about your capacities to create and to lead, becoming less about rules and expectations; and more about expressing your authentic voice, at home and at work. To lead from the feminine heart means to stand strong for creating from the core of your true worth, it means to feel a sense of connection while you get things done. It means to accomplish what is meaningful and create the transformation you know you can make.

Throughout the pages you will link arms with influential mentors, entrepreneurs and changemakers who guide you step-by-step into the essential powers of the feminine heart, giving way to a more empowered destiny – liberating the core of your unbridled potential.

Featured Contributors include Christine Howard, Pamela Nebeker, Patrina Wisdom, Theresa Wray, Conni Ponturo, Wendy L. Yost, Dena Breslin, and Heather Salmon.

Awakening a New Conversation About Becoming
the Amazing Women We are Meant to Be.
Release Date: October 2018
It takes great courage to talk about things that have much time been taboo or too vulnerable; but, it's by speaking about these very things we create a platform to heal relationships between mothers and daughters, within ourselves and with other women. 

Throughout the pages of Dear Amazing 
Daughter you will engage in the dynamic shifts that take place only when a woman enters into a deepening dialogue about the most pivotal moments of her life. You ll find ways to create a mindful conversation with yourself and with others. Most of all, together we will slowly remove beliefs that tend to keep us spiraling in the old ways of telling our stories. We will begin to see more clearly. Our past conditioning will no longer be masked where it can so easily manifest as sabotage, self-denial even depression and isolation.
Featured Contributors include Gayle O Leary, Bentley Kalaway, Laura Goodman.Alma Pineda, Laurie Vallas, Linda Nacif, Vicki Gotsis Ceraso
Conversation Mentors include Pamela Plick, Michelle Jones, Wendy Yost, Princina Benson, Connie and Hannah Ponturo, Betsy Chasse and Elora Chasse,Tami Roos, Justine Arian-Edwards, Joyce Bennett Hall and Julie Tunnerman